More 2003 AG Short Story Information

Kaya and the River Girl

This brand new Kaya story furthers her adventures along the Big River. Includes a craft that shows girls how to carve a petroglyph using native American symbols.

Thanks to Josefina

Thanks To Josefina While weaving blankets, Josefina realizes that each of her sisters has a special talent, and when those talents are "woven" together like the strands of a blanket, weaving is much more fun.

Kirsten's Promise

Including a historical picture essay about children's wagon train experiences, this book also includes a craft showing girls how to weave a flower crown just like those made by children crossing the prairie in the 1850s.

Addy's Summer Place

Addy is approaching adolescence in this new book set in 1866 Cape Island, New Jersey. In her new dress and spiral curls, Addy tries to act like a young lady, but when she encounters a poor white girl who acts hatefully toward her, she learns growing up means making difficult choices.

Samantha's Special Talent

Samantha organizes a talent show to raise money to fix the library's leaky roof. Although she doesn't perform in the show, when the curtains close, she realizes just what her special talent is.

Kit's Tree House

After reading this story of Kit's dream for her own tree house, girls can read about houses and the homeless in 1934 and can make a jewelry tree for inside the house out of a few natural treasures.

Molly's Puppy Tale

After reading this story about Molly and her new puppy, girls can read about the heroic dogs who served in the military in 1944 and can make dog "waffles," treats like those Molly might have made for Bennett.

Kit's Railway Adventure

Kit meets a pair of girl hobos, a Pullman Porter, a girl who lives on a ranch in Montana, a Blackfoot Indian Girl, and even President Franklin Roosevelt and First Lady Eleanor when she takes a railway journey across the country.