Historical Doll Items Checklist

Here is a complete list of the entire historical girls line, including all retired items. (This list does not include most extras such as patterns, posters, paper dolls, craft books, etc.) Use it as a reference or a checklist!

Kaya doll
"Meet Kaya" accessories
(2019 updated version added a map and bison horn cup)
Adorned deerskin dress
hat & parfleche
winter cape with hood, mittens, & moccasins
dog Tatlo & travois
Kaya's horse Steps High
Steps High's foal Sparks Flying
doll & cradleboard (later re-introduced as just the doll)
craft kit
basket & foods set (later re-introduced as trading feast & tule mat)
Teepee with light-up fire
bedroll & teepee shield
Fawn, bear cub, and bunny set
trading outfit
trading accessories
Jingle dress of today 1-blue
Jingle dress of today 2-pink/special edition
Fancy shawl outfit of today
Powwow outfit of today 1-white
Powwow outfit of today 2-turquoise
Powwow hair set of today
Modern Fancy Shawl outfit, red/white
Pow-Wow dress of today, turquoise/ivory

Kaya Books:
The Journey Begins (Originally: Meet Kaya, Kaya's Escape!, Kaya's Hero)
Smoke on the Wind (Originally: Kaya and Lone Dog, Kaya Shows the Way, Changes for Kaya)
The Roar of the Falls: My Journey with Kaya
The Silent Stranger: A Kaya Mystery
The Ghost Wind Stallion: A Kaya Mystery
Kaya's Short Story Collection
Kaya and the River Girl
Kaya and the Beavers
Kaya and the Flood
Kaya and the Injured Dog
Kaya and the Grandmothers

Felicity doll
--original rose garden dress
--version 2, lavender striped dress
--version 3, BeForever teal & yellow flowered dress
"Meet Felicity" accessories (rose garden originals)
"Meet Felicity" accessories (lavender version 2)
"Meet Felicity" accessories (BeForever version 3)
school jacket & petticoat
Windsor writing chair
tea lesson
reading & writing lesson
Christmas gown & stomacher
Invitation & fashion doll
Noah's Ark
Shrewsbury cakes kit
Spring gown with pinner apron & pompon
Tilt-top Tea Table & chairs
Posie the lamb
Chocolate set
Party treats
Needlework kit & frame
Summer gown & lace cap
hat & brocade slippers
Plantation play
rescue kit
Cardinal cloak
Muff, mitts, & pattens
winter enchantments (fire screen, jumping jack, top, candle & lantern)
Undergarments (original)
Undergarments (BeForever)
Travel Trunk
clothes press, version 1 (with drawers and doors)
clothes press, version 2 (with swing-open front)
tall-post bed with tester
nightshift, cap, & mules
dressing table
nighttime necessities
riding habit & hat
Penny the horse
riding breeches & hat
work gown
town fair outfit & windmill
shoes, stockings, & garters
hair ribbons
Patriot the foal
Colonial stable set
yellow tea lesson gown
Colonial tea set
Tea treats
Colonial carriage
Baby sister Polly and cradle
Gala gown

Felicity Books:
Love and Loyalty (Originally: Meet Felicity, Felicity Learns a Lesson, Felicity's Surprise)
A Stand for Independence (Originally: Happy Birthday, Felicity!, Felicity Saves the Day, Changes for Felicity)
Gunpowder and Teacakes: My Journey with Felicity
Peril at King's Creek: A Felicity Mystery
Traitor in Williamsburg: A Felicity Mystery
Lady Margaret's Ghost: A Felicity Mystery
Felicity's Short Story Collection
Felicity's Dancing Shoes
Felicity Takes a Dare
Felicity's New Sister
Felicity Discovers a Secret
Felicity's Valentine

Elizabeth doll
Elizabeth's accessories
Riding outfit
Blue tea lesson gown
Holiday gown
quilted cloak
Tall-post bed and blue bedding
Dressing table
Dressing table accessories
Night shift
clothes press, version 2 (with swing-open door)
green summer outfit

Elizabeth books:
Very Funny, Elizabeth!

Caroline doll
Caroline's accessories
travel outfit
spencer jacket & hat
travel basket
holiday gown
blue coat and hat
skating accessories
birthday dress (original)
party gown (BeForever-shiny teal)
round table & chairs (original)
party set (cake/dishes/pitcher)
rectangle table & treats (BeForever)
Inkpot the cat
canopy bed
work dress & boots
Garnet the calf
hairstyling set

Caroline books:
Captain of the Ship (Originally: Meet Caroline, Caroline's Secret Message, A Surprise for Caroline)
Facing the Enemy (Originally: Caroline Takes a Chance, Caroline's Battle, Changes for Caroline)
Catch the Wind: My Journey with Caroline
Traitor in the Shipyard: A Caroline Mystery
The Traveler's Tricks: A Caroline Mystery
The Smuggler's Secrets: A Caroline Mystery

Josefina doll
--original maroon skirt outfit
--BeForever red and blue skirt outift
"Meet Josefina" accessories
Indigo skirt & camisa
Books & supplies
picnic lunch
writing desk & stand
Christmas dress & mantilla
Christmas Eve set
Chicken & chiles
Niña doll
Feast day finery
Heirloom accessories
Sombrita the baby goat
New Mexican table & chairs
weaving loom
birthday dishes & party treats
Summer riding dress & hat
Riding boots
Santa Fe summer fun (clay flute, telescope & pouch, US & Mexican flags, mirror, tortoise)
Toy farm
Sarape & hat
Adobe oven & bread set
Cocina supplies
(Oven set and cocina supplies later replaced with Oven & Food Set, which has a few differences)
Winter wear
Sleigh bed
(style 1: turquoise, style 2: ivory)
sheepskin & blanket
night shift
bedside table
nighttime necessities
Harvest outfit
Party dress & Spencer jacket
shoes & socks
hair ribbons
Weaving outfit
Herb gathering set
Fiesta dress (empire waist)
Summertime fiesta dress and vest
hairstyling set
BeForever nightgown with orange ribbon and slippers
BeForever nighttime accessories
(includes Niña doll, candle & candlestick, ledger, notebook, and inkpot with quill pen that were all part of earlier sets)
Festival outfit with green rebozo
blue Navidad outfit with white mantilla

Josefina Books:
Sunlight and Shadows (Originally: Meet Josefina, Josefina Learns a Lesson, Josefina's Surprise)
Second Chances (Originally: Happy Birthday, Josefina!, Josefina Saves the Day, Changes for Josefina)
Song of the Mockingbird: My Journey with Josefina
Secrets in the Hills: A Josefina Mystery
The Glowing Heart: A Josefina Mystery
Josefina's Short Story Collection
Just Josefina
Again, Josefina
Josefina's Song
A Reward for Josefina
Thanks to Josefina

Marie-Grace doll
"Meet Marie-Grace" accessories
blue skirt set
Argos the dog
nightgown and slippers
vanity and nighttime accessories
masquerade ball gown
fairy costume accessories
fancy coat
banquet table & treats
crinoline & chemise
party outfit
pink summer outfit
lacy parasol
courtyard furniture
glassware and treats

Marie-Grace Books:
Meet Marie-Grace
Marie-Grace and the Orphans
Marie-Grace Makes a Difference
The Hidden Gold: A Marie-Grace Mystery
The Haunted Opera: A Marie-Grace Mystery

Cécile doll
"Meet Cécile" accessories
parlor outfit
gold boots
parrot & games
parlor desk
nightgown, robe, and slippers
bed and bedding
masquerade ball gown
fairy costume accessories
fancy coat
banquet table & treats
crinoline & chemise
special dress
yellow summer outfit
lacy parasol
courtyard furniture
glassware and treats

Cécile Books:
Meet Cécile
Troubles for Cécile
Cécile's Gift
The Cameo Necklace: A Cécile Mystery

Kirsten doll
"Meet Kirsten" accessories
school dress & shawl
School bench & bucket
school lunch
Slate bag & supplies
Saint Lucia gown
Saint Lucia wreath
Saint Lucia tray
Sari doll
Apron dress & daisy wreath
Trestle table & chairs
Party treats
pottery set
Mama cat & kitten
Friendship quilt & quilt kit
Summer dress & hat
red boots
fishing set
Fourth of July fun
Winter skirt & blouse
Knit woolens
Flannel underwear
Winter pastimes (paper dolls & thaumatrope) & snowshoes
housecoat & sockor
nighttime necessities
checked dress & apron
skating outfit & skates
work dress
two-tone boots
Swedish dirndl & kerchief
shoes & socks
hair ribbons (all of which come with other outfits)
plaid dress & shawl
Midsummer outfit & basket
Recess outfit and beanbag game
Baking outfit and apron
holiday treats

Kirsten Books:
Meet Kirsten
Kirsten Learns a Lesson
Kirsten's Surprise
Happy Birthday, Kirsten!
Kirsten Saves the Day
Changes for Kirsten
The Runaway Friend: A Kirsten Mystery
Kirsten's Short Story Collection
Kirsten on the Trail
Kirsten and the New Girl
Kirsten Snowbound!
Kirsten's Promise
Kirsten and the Chippewa

Addy doll
--original pink dress
--BeForever blue dress
"Meet Addy" accessories (original)
"Meet Addy" accessories (BeForever with patchwork bag)
school suit & blouse (deep blue original)
school outfit (BeForever lighter blue)
double desk
tin pail lunch (original: plain pail, BeForever: painted pail)
satchel & school supplies
Tartan plaid dress
Needlework kit & lamp
sweet potato pudding set
Ida Bean doll
birthday pinafore & snood
Lazy Susan table & chairs
ice cream maker
ironstone compote set
party treats
(Compote set, ice cream maker, and party treats replaced with Ice Cream Set, which has fewer items)
songbird & sweets
summer dress & hat
lace-up boots
gardening supplies
Church fair fun (puppet stage & puppets, slide whistle)
Winter coat
derby, mittens, & knee warmers
Winter fun (mancala game, sansa, & myriorama puzzle)
cutter sled
rope bed
(style 1: sold w/o bedding, style 2: includes blue border quilt)
Family album quilt (red border)
nighttime necessities
heartwarmer & slippers
striped dress
stilting outfit & stilts
work dress & apron
work shoes
Patriotic party dress
shoes & socks
hair ribbons
Cape Island dress
flower picking outfit
(originally came with a kite instead of flowers)
Sunday best dress & hat
pink plaid summer dress & pinafore
hairstyling set with snood (original pink)
hairstyling set with snood (BeForever blue)
Sewing dress and apron with sewing set
BeForever nightgown with blue ribbon and slippers
BeForever bedroom accessories
(includes Ida Bean doll, lamp, and book that were all part of earlier sets)

Addy Books:
Finding Freedom (Originally: Meet Addy, Addy Learns a Lesson, Addy's Surprise)
A Heart full of Hope (Originally: Happy Birthday, Addy!, Addy Saves the Day, Changes for Addy)
A New Beginning: My Journey with Addy
Shadows on Society Hill: An Addy Mystery
Addy's Short Story Collection
High Hopes for Addy
Addy Studies Freedom
Addy's Summer Place
Addy's Wedding Quilt
Addy's Little Brother

Samantha doll
--original checked dress
--BeForever pink dress
"Meet Samantha" accessories (original with burgundy hat)
"Meet Samantha" accessories (BeForever, with headband)
Buster Brown dress
tea tin lunchbox
Victorian desk
book strap & school supplies
Cranberry party dress (original Christmas dress)
Holiday dress and tea set (BeForever Christmas dress)
real gingerbread house kit
Christmas music box
Nutcracker doll
Lacy pinafore dress & rosebud circlet (original birthday outfit)
Frilly frock (BeForever birthday outfit)
wicker table & chairs
doll pram
Lemonade set
party treats
teddy bear (now included in Bedtime Accessories)
ice cream freezer (same as Addy's)
Tyson's ice cream parlor
Middy dress & tam
high button shoes
nature paraphernalia
summer amusements (paint set, sketchbook, pine tuffet)
plaid cape & gaiters
hat & muff
Victorian valise
lacy whites
winter amusements (skates, paper dolls, Valentine kit)
steamer trunk
brass bed (original)
bed with canopy headboard
nighttime necessities (original w/ pitcher and bowl)
bedtime accessories (BeForever with music box)
nightgown (original white)
nightgown (BeForever pink)
kimono & slippers
travel duster & hat
travel accessories
skating party dress
bathing costume & life ring with straw hat (version 1)
bathing costume & life ring with fabric hat, pail, and shovel (version 2)
beach umbrella
play dress & pinafore
tea dress
white party slippers
shoes & socks
hair ribbons (all of which come with other outfits)
talent show dress
lawn party dress & (partial) croquet set
lawn party shoes & socks
purple winter coat and hat
sleigh and horse
Jip the dog
bridesmaid dress
wedding accessories
spring party (Valentine) dress
bicycling bloomer outfit (original teal)
bicycling outfit (BeForever, white blouse)
three-wheeled bicycle (original)
bicycle (BeForever pink 2-wheeler)
Birdwatching outfit & accessories
blue velvet dress
Hairstyling set
Black and white fancy coat and hat set
Lacy parasol (same as Marie-Grace & Cécile's)
Flower-picking set
Special day dress
Painting set w/ easel
Summer treats set
Outdoor serving set (wheeled cart and chair)
pink travel coat and hat
Travel bag set with gloves

Samantha Books:
Manners and Mischief (Originally: Meet Samantha, Samantha Learns a Lesson, Samantha's Surprise)
Lost and Found (Originally: Happy Birthday, Samantha!, Samantha Saves the Day, Changes for Samantha)
The Lilac Tunnel: My Journey with Samantha
Samantha's Ocean Liner Adventure
Samantha's Wedding Memories
The Curse of Ravenscourt: A Samantha Mystery
The Stolen Sapphire: A Samantha Mystery
The Cry of the Loon: A Samantha Mystery
Clue in the Castle Tower: A Samantha Mystery
Danger in Paris: A Samantha Mystery
Samantha's Short Story Collection
Samantha's Winter Party
Samantha and the Missing Pearls
Samantha Saves the Wedding
Samantha's Blue Bicycle
Samantha's Special Talent

Nellie doll
Nellie's accessories
holiday dress
fur-trimmed coat and hat
Lydia doll
Oriental pajamas
spring party (Valentine) outfit

Nellie books:
Nellie's Promise

Rebecca doll
--original maroon drop-waist dress
--BeForever purple outfit
"Meet Rebecca" accessories (original with black hat)
"Meet Rebecca" accessories (BeForever with purple hat)
(2019 version added a scarf and movie magazine)
School outfit
School set (lunch & school supplies)
Sabbath set
(original version: with candlesticks)
(2019 version: with a plate of rugalach pastries instead of the candlesticks.)
Movie dress
blue & white pajamas
Nightgown with pink slippers
Robe & slippers
Bed & bedding (original version with pink and gold frame)
(2019 version with gold frame and blue-edged bedding)
(style 1: pink with white bedding, style 2: white with pink bedding)
Costume chest with mix-and-match costume
Director set
Phonograph set
Winter coat and hat (black)
Menorah, dreidel, and gelt set
Hanukkah dress (original purple)
Holiday outfit (BeForever periwinkle)
Hanukkah outfit (2019 version--light blue)
Summer dress
Coney Island souvenir set
white lace dress
school play set with butterfly costume
hairstyling set
Teatime traditions set
Seashore set
BeForever pink satin pajamas
Bedroom accessories (book, nesting dolls, dominoes, cloth bag and crochet supplies)
Play dress & hat
Coney Island Games
blue winter jacket, hat, and muff
Parlor table with runner, candlesticks, and flower vase

Rebecca books:
The Sound of Applause (Originally: Meet Rebecca, Rebecca and Ana, Candlelight for Rebecca)
Lights, Camera, Rebecca! (Originally: Rebecca and the Movies, Rebecca to the Rescue, Changes for Rebecca)
The Glow of the Spotlight: My Journey with Rebecca
Secrets at Camp Nokomis: A Rebecca Mystery
A Bundle of Trouble: A Rebecca Mystery
The Crystal Ball: A Rebecca Mystery
A Growing Suspicion: A Rebecca Mystery
The Showstopper: A Rebecca Mystery

Claudie doll
"Meet Claudie" accessories
Dizzy Dot the dog
Claudie's scooter
jazz performance outfit
dress-up accessory set
yellow bloom pajamas
Angelo's bakery
Travel outfit
Travel accessories
Winter coat
Christmas accessories

Modern outfits listed in the "miscellaneous" section

Claudie books:
Meet Claudie
Adventures with Claudie

Kit doll
--original lavender skirt set
--BeForever teal dress
"Meet Kit" accessories (original)
"Meet Kit" accessories (BeForever)
school outfit
rolltop desk
school lunch
book bag & supplies
Christmas dress
aviator doll
typewriter set
waffle iron set
birthday dress
table & chairs
glassware & linens
party treats
Grace the Basset Hound
Overalls outfit
work boots
hobo camp supplies
winter coat
beret & mittens
photography set
day bed
(style 1: tufted bedding set, style 2: diamond patterend spread, style 3: pinwheel-style quilt)
bedding set
night table
nighttime necessities
beach pajamas
tree house outfit
Cincinatti Reds fan outfit
bathing outfit & parasol
beach chair
feedsack scooter outfit
crate scooter
floral print dress
tree house
striped nightie
produce & preserves set
washday set
school skirt set
holiday baking set
reporter dress (original)
reporter outfit (BeForever with red vest and skirt)
reporter set (includes most items from retired photography set)
Photographer outfit with coral sweater
one-piece play suit
fancy summer dress
candy-making set with pink dress
hairstyling set
chicken-keeping set
BeForever one-piece pajamas
radio set (includes radio, pennant, and book that were all part of earlier sets)
blue play dress & hat
mini golf outfit
mini golf set
Christmas outfit (BeForever green plaid)
Christmas stocking with sock monkey

Kit Books:
Read All About It! (Originally: Meet Kit, Kit Learns a Lesson, Kit's Surprise)
Turning Things Around (Originally: Happy Birthday, Kit!, Kit Saves the Day, Changes for Kit)
Full Speed Ahead: My Journey with Kit
Kit's Railway Adventure
Danger at the Zoo: A Kit Mystery
Midnight in Lonesome Hollow: A Kit Mystery
A Thief in the Theater: A Kit Mystery
Missing Grace: A Kit Mystery
Intruders at Rivermead Manor: A Kit Mystery
The Jazzman's Trumpet: A Kit Mystery
Menace at Mammoth Cave: A Kit Mystery
Kit's Short Story Collection
Kit's Home Run
Kit's Tree House
Kit's Winning Ways
Kit Uses Her Head
Kit and Millie Ride Again

Ruthie doll
Ruthie's accessories
play outfit with knickers
pink satin pajamas
holiday dress

Ruthie books:
Really Truly Ruthie

Nanea doll
"Meet Nanea" accessories
(2019 version added a Pearl Harbor kerchief and Junior Citizens Service Corps book)
school outfit
school lunch
Holoku dress
Hula implements
Hula outfit
Nanea's dog, Mele
pet set
island swimsuit
fishing set
family market
bed & Hawaiian quilt
tropical PJs
Palaka outfit
shave ice shop
tropical birthday outfit
birthday accessories
1940's radio
luau dress
luau set
floral pajamas (turquoise)
two-piece swimsuit
beach accessories

Nanea Books:
Growing Up with Aloha
Hula for the Home Front
Prints in the Sand: My Journey with Nanea
The Legend of the Shark Goddess: A Nanea Mystery

Molly doll
--original navy & red sweater and navy skirt
--Costco version with button-up sweater and plaid skirt
"Meet Molly" accessories
--original version with navy beret and steel penny
--Costco version with red beret and two one-dollar bills
plaid jumper & blouse
school desk
schoolbag & supplies
Evergreen velvet dress
stocking & stocking stuffers
Christmas box with snowglobe and nurse doll
birthday pinafore & crown
chrome table & chairs
(originals: wooden drop-leaf table & chairs)
Bennett the dog
party games
party treats
tea set
Camp Gowanagin uniform
saddle shoes
Capture the Flag gear
Camping equipment
slicker & rain hat
umbrella & galoshes
Winter activites (paper dolls, Kleenex & ear drops, alarm clock, poster, kaleidoscope)
Molly's undies
Plaid suitcase
Miss Victory outfit
original red bed (newer version included throw pillow and rug)
nighttime necessities
robe & fuzzy-wuzzies
Route 66 dress
Route 66 accessories
aviator outfit
tennis outfit, tennis racket & tennis ball
after school outfit
brown Oxford shoes
Halloween hula costume
shoes & socks
hair ribbons (all of which come with other outfits)
Victory Garden dress
Dude ranch outfit
embroidered cowboy boots
Molly's swimsuit, towel, & beach ball
Adirondack beach chair
roller skating outfit
turquoise roller skates
ice skating outfit
ice skates & muffs
vanity table
hair curl kit
Bennett the puppy
Molly's recital outfit
percussion set
stage set
theater seats
percussion set
Camp Gowonagin tent
camp sleeping bag
Bennett's pup tent
Teal & red sweater & plaid skirt set with saddle shoes
blue and white polka-dot outfit
floral pajamas
bed II (yellow)

Molly Books:
A Winning Spirit originally Meet Molly, Molly Learns a Lesson, Molly's Surprise)
Stars, Stripes, and Surprises (originally Happy Birthday, Molly!, Molly Saves the Day, Changes for Molly)
Chances and Changes: My Journey with Molly
Molly's Route 66 Adventure
A Spy on the Home Front: A Molly Mystery
The Light in the Cellar: A Molly Mystery
Clues in the Shadows: A Molly Mystery
Molly's Short Story Collection
Molly Takes Flight
Molly and the Movie Star
Molly's A+ Partner
Molly's Puppy Tale
Molly Marches On

Emily doll
Emily's accessories
purple Christmas dress
tap costume
pink robe & slippers
Yank the puppy
Emily's recital outfit
flutophone set
two-piece bathing suit

Emily books:
Brave Emily

Maryellen doll
Maryellen's accessories
(2019 version added and autograph book, pen, and Florida handkerchief)
school outfit (purple checked)
back to school outfit (red, white, and blue)
classroom set
play outfit
poodle skirt outfit
ice skating outfit
ice skating accessories
birthday dress
bloomer pajamas
hairstyling set
sofa bed set
television console set
living room set
Maryellen's dog, Scooter
Seaside diner
(original: with swingout wall and grill)
(2019 version: with phone and milkshake maker)
diner bakery case
strawberry outfit
Christmas party outfit
Party punch set
Christmas cookie set
refrigerator & food set
flamingo swim outfit
rockin' roller skating outfit
roller skating accessories
Airstream travel trailer
vacation playsuit
campfire cooking set
hiking accessories
pretty pink dress
sledding outfit
school desk & accessories
ready to launch rocket set
Dachshund pajamas
Cowgirl costume

Maryellen Books:
The One and Only
Taking Off
The Sky's the Limit: My Journey with Maryellen
The Finders-Keepers Rule: A Maryellen Mystery
The Runaway: A Maryellen Mystery

Melody doll
Melody's accessories
(2019 version added a record album)
Fancy floral dress
hairstyling set
play outfit
block party set
card table & chairs
Bojangles ("Bo") the dog
recording studio
microphone set
electric piano
blue pajamas
bed & bedding
bedroom accessories with radio
travel essentials
white and gold dress
fancy coat
purple birthday outfit
birthday party accessories
school outfit
upright piano
plaid pajamas

Melody Books:
No Ordinary Sound
Never Stop Singing
Music in My Heart: My Journey with Melody
The Lady's Slipper: A Melody Mystery

Julie doll
--original tunic outfit
--BeForever outfit with yellow vest
Julie's accessories (original with faux-suede bag)
Julie's accessories (BeForever with sunglasses and tie-dye bag)
(2019 version added a "Julie" necklace, clipboard, and pencil)
hoops outfit, basketball, & bag (original)
bleachers set
school lunchbox
tape recorder, record player, and records
Nutmeg the bunny & accessories
Christmas outfit (original maroon dress with gold tights)
Holiday outfit (BeForever purple dress)
Christmas outfit (2019 version: hot pink)
Barbie styling head
birthday dress & hat
birthday goodies set
casual (dog walking) outfit
dog walking set (3 dogs)
cap & scarf
pink pajamas
yellow pajamas and robe
bed (style 1: bedding w/ square pillows, style 2: floral bedding set, style 3: with LOVE pillows)
room accessories (modular shelving, foot rug, terrarium, Jiffy Pop, tray, pitcher, and orange drink)
bedside table and shag rug
school locker
2-in-1 summer outfit & bathing suit
roller skates
birthday dress and hat
birthday goodies set
table and chairs
fondue set
calico dress
banana-seat bike
sweater and one-piece jumper set
summer skirt set
VW beetle and car wash accessories
patchwork outfit
dance set with flower-print dress
hairstyling set
tunic outfit
egg chair set
snack set
winter coat and hat
skateboarding set
mix-print Maxi dress
BeForever zigzag pajamas
daisy vanity set
New Year's Eve outfit
groovy bathroom
peasant top and jean skirt
floral accessories with purse
basketball uniform (BeForever version)
basketball hoop & accessories
pinball outfit
pinball machine
Christmas fireplace set
Home Game uniform (3rd version of basketball outfit)

Julie Books:
The Big Break (Originally: Meet Julie, Julie Tells Her Story, Happy New Year, Julie!)
Soaring High (Originally: Julie and the Eagles, Julie's Journey, Changes for Julie)
A Brighter Tomorrow: My Journey with Julie
The Tangled Web: A Julie Mystery
Puzzle of the Paper Daughter: A Julie Mystery
Lost in the City: A Julie Mystery
The Silver Guitar: A Julie Mystery
Message in a Bottle: A Julie Mystery

Ivy doll
Ivy's accessories
red Chinese New Year dress
rainbow romper

Ivy books:
Good Luck, Ivy!

Courtney doll
Courtney's accessories
leg warmers (limited time offer for Gold and Berry Rewards members, with the purchase of Courtney)
PAC-MAN arcade game
school supplies
PAC-MAN lunchbox set
bedroom set
Care Bear pajamas
Care Bear sleeping bag set
sleepover accessory set
Caboodles & hair accessories kit
fashion accessories
Pleasant Company doll set
belt bag and watch
flats & socks
high-top sneakers
splatter print dress
denim jacket
t-shirt and tank set
skirt and suspenders
shirt and tie
cropped jacket
leggings set
fitness outfit
TV & fitness accessories
Courtney's guinea pig
white fringe jacket
Awesome accessories (hot pink hat, belt, and jelly shoes)
skirt set
tank top set
pleated shorts
oversized blazer
cropped pink polka-dot top
tights and leggings set
graphic sweatshirt
Friendship superhero costume
Strawberry Shortcake pajamas
Strawberry Shortcake sleeping bag

Courtney books:
Courtney Changes the Game
Courtney: Friendship Superhero

Isabel & Nicki:
Isabel doll
Nicki doll
Isabel's accessories
Nicki's accessories
Isabel and Nicki's pet set
Pizza Hut BOOK IT! set
Isabel's floral pajamas
Nicki's skater dreams sleep shirt
Isabel's bedroom accessories
Nicki's bedroom accessories
Isabel's bed and floral dreams bedding set
Nicki's bed and animal-print bedding set
Isabel and Nicki's computer desk set
Isabel's tennis outfit
Nicki's skateboarding outfit
Isabel & Nicki's 2-in-1 Tennis Court & Skate Spot
Nicki's red vinyl jumper outfit
Isabel's Year 2000 outfit
New Year's party accessories
American Girl Today logo tee
Slumber party kit
Movie night set

Nicki and Isabel books:
Isabel: My Journal (only available with doll)
Nicki: My Journal (only available with doll)
Meet Isabel and Nicki

Scenes & Settings:

Felicity's Scenes & Settings
Kirsten's Scenes & Settings
Addy's Scenes & Settings
Samantha's Scenes & Settings
Molly's Scenes & Settings

Irish Dance Outfit of Today (marketed with Nellie)
African Dance Outfit of Today (marketed with Addy)
Jazzy Flapper & Fur Coat Outfit (marketed with Claudie)
Sparkly Skirt & Fur-Trim Top (marketed with Claudie)
Glitzy Sequin Gown & Capelet Outfit (marketed with Claudie)

"Minute Mysteries" book
"Minute Mysteries 2" book

Mini dolls & books:
Kaya mini doll & book
Felicity mini doll & book
Elizabeth mini doll & book
Caroline mini doll & book
Josefina mini doll & book
Marie-Grace mini doll & book
Cécile mini doll & book
Kirsten mini doll & book
Addy mini doll & book
Samantha mini doll & book
Nellie mini doll & book
Rebecca mini doll & book
Kit mini doll & book
Ruthie mini doll & book
Nanea mini doll & book
Molly mini doll & book
Emily mini doll & book
Maryellen mini doll & book
Melody mini doll & book
Julie mini doll & book
Ivy mini doll & book
Courtney mini doll & book

25th anniversary mini dolls & books
(dolls are dressed in their holiday outfits with holiday books)

2016 Special edition mini dolls & books