Online Newsletter #1

March 2002

There's a lot of big news affecting American Girl Historical Doll collectors right now, and you can find it here, in The Society of American Girl Collectors first online newsletter!

New Travel Adventure books and accessories for Samantha and Molly!

Early this month, Pleasant Company introduced new books and accessories for Samantha and Molly. Both books are in a first-person journal format with eight pull-out souvenirs. Samantha's book is entitled Samantha's Ocean Liner Adventure, and her new accessories include a travel duster jacket, scarf, hat, parasol, stereoscope & slides, and a brush and mirror. Molly's book is entitled Molly's Route 66 Adventure, and her accessories include a blue linen dress, hat, Route 66 pennant, camera, and souvenir bank. As neat as these books sound, one can only hope Pleasant Company will soon introduce similar books and accessories for the other five girls!

New short stories for each of the seven Historical American Girls!

At the same time that Pleasant Company introduced travel adventures for Molly and Samantha, seven new short stories were also introduced. Titles include: Felicity Discovers a Secret, Just Josefina, Kirsten and the Chippewa, Addy Studies Freedom, Samantha's Blue Bicycle, Kit's Home Run, and Molly's A+ Partner.

Felicity Retiring?

On March 7th, 2002, I received a new American Girl catalog, and in that catalog it stated under the heading of "Retiring Summer 2002" that Felicity would no longer appear in catalogs and would instead be featured exclusively on What does this mean for collectors? It could mean one of two things. First, Felicity might not be "retiring" in the sense of Beanie Babies (that is, no longer produced or made available), and her doll and accessories will still be available, but only online, like all the girls' school lunches, which no longer appear in catalogs but can still be found online. Second, Felicity might be "retiring" in the sense of Beanie Babies, and although her accessories will be available online for a time, they will be gradually discontinued, just as many American Girl Today accessories have been discontinued but remain online until they are sold out. Let's hope it's not the second case, as this would greatly disappoint me and many other American Girl collectors! It is hard to imagine why Pleasant Company is retiring Felicity in some way. Either way, though, it seems Pleasant Company is making way for a new American Girl--see below!

New American Girl?

As reported on Jenny's Doll Site, it seems Pleasant Company will be releasing a new American Girl in the Fall of 2002. Her name is Kaya, and she is a Native American girl from 1764. And the rumors do check out, making it fairly certain this is true. You can check for yourself by going to and searcing for Meet Kaya, Kaya Learns a Lesson, and Kaya's Surprise. Those books are up for presale on, and the site lists Janet Shaw (author of the Kirsten books) as the author and Pleasant Company as the publisher. If you copy the ISBN numbers and paste them in a search on, it will turn up a small synopsis on each of the books.

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