Online Newsletter #13

March 2003

The new products are here, and the Society newsletter is keeping you in the know!

New Outfits for Historical and AGOT Dolls!

Just in time for the Society's first birthday, American Girl introduced new doll outfits and accessories! For the historical dolls, in addition to the short stories, the following outfits were introduced: Josefina's Weaving Dress, Kirsten's Plaid Dress, Addy's Cape Island Dress, Samantha's Talent Show Dress, Kit's Tree House Outfit, and Molly's Victory Garden dress. There was no dress for Kaya and no dress or book for Felicity. Kit's Railway Adventure was also released, but without an outfit or any accessories.

The American Girl Today line also got a few new additions: A lavender birthday dress (there's a matching one for girls), a birthday treats set with a cake and favors, a birthday accessories set for Coconut, a beachside outfit (there's also a matching one for girls), Coconut's beachside accessories, and a rock climbing outfit.

AG also released more art studios based on the historical characters. Head over to The American Girl Online Store to see all these new products!

New Historical Girl to be Released in 2004!

A big thanks to Society member Sarah, who uncovered this from the Publisher's Weekly website: Pleasant Company is planning on releasing a new historical girl in 2004! The tidbit came in an article about how Kaya is hitting the bestseller lists, but the article admits that details on the 2004 girl are still under wraps.

American Girl Movies in the Works

Here's a big news item from the message board: Yahoo News reports that the WB network has made a deal with Pleasant Company/Mattel for a made-for-TV movie based on the adventures of Samantha. Current plans put the debut of the movie at November 2004. WB Entertainment hopes eventually to get a go-ahead to make more movies based on the other American Girl characters.

March Society Reading Feature

This month's featured American Girl is Kirsten. Enjoy excerpts about Kirsten from the American Girls Club Handbook by clicking here.

Monthly Membership Update

Here are the membership stats for February:
New Members: 9
Total members: 173

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