Online Newsletter #14

April 2003

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A Glimpse of the Next Girls of Many Lands

Society member Sarah J. found some pictures of the new Girls of Many Lands on the Master Collector website. The exact page can be seen here. Scroll halfway down the page to see the pictures. There are small pictures of Kaya, Saba, and Kathleen. A portion of Leyla's dress can be seen in the Saba picture.

Also, I got some more info on the Girls of Many Lands from Society member Barbara S. She says, "at IDEX (International Doll Expo) I attended a special Helen Kish event. She told us all about her experience with Pleasant Company and the process she went through in submitting the sculpts for the Girls of Many Lands - and being the winner. She did say she did 10 but that only 9 were used . . . the one for the Eskimo/Aleut doll was not used because it was smiling . . . BUT they kept it in case they wanted to use it later. (The Asian doll face was used twice for the series.) Who knows - we may see it in the new group!" Thanks Barb!

Possible Changes to Molly Book Covers

Liz posted on the boards and reported that AG is creating prototype covers for Meet Molly and Molly Learns a Lesson. These covers had close-ups of Molly illustrations on them: Molly in her hula costume and Molly outside the Hargate's house in her raincoat. Alternate covers had another small illustration at the top of the book above the bigger illustration. Will American Girl change the covers of the historical books again? We'll have to wait and see!

Society Get-Together Date Announced

Mark your calendars now--the first Society in-person get-together will be Saturday, July 12 at American Girl Place in Chicago. Hope to see many of you there!!

Bitty Baby & Bitty Twins Collections Expand

Here's an update on the latest additions to the Bitty Baby and Bitty Twins lines from the last couple months:
For Bitty Baby: Strawberry birthday set, with a pink dress with fruit print, bib for Bitty Bear, a book, and a cake; strawberry tea party set with a teapot, tea cozy, two cups, saucers, forks, and napkins; a stars & stripes set with a red, white, & blue outfit (a matching one is sold for girls), a hat & flag for Bitty Bear, a book, and a trike horn; a red trike; and a Beautiful Blooms outfit with a teal dress (a matching one is sold for girls), lamb pull toy, book, and Easter Egg costume for Bitty Bear.
For the Bitty Twins: The Sunny Day set, with shorts & a shirt for the boy and a flowery dress for the girl, as well as shoes and a book; and a hair care set with a brush, mirror, and vinyl carrying bag.

Interesting Kit Picture

Sarah J. also found the following Kit Picture while browsing the web. We don't know what it is, but think it might have been a draft from when Kit was being designed. An interesting take on her "Meet" outfit!

April Character Feature

This month we are featuring Addy! Click here to access a page with projects and historical facts relating to Addy and the Civil War era.

Monthly Membership Update

Here are the membership stats for March:
New Members: 9
New State: Louisiana
Total members: 182

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