Online Newsletter #16

July/August 2003

The Society of American Girl Collectors wishes you a fun AG-filled summer!

American Girl Introduces Kailey

On July 14th, American Girl debuted their next limited-edition Girl of Today, Kailey, at American Girl Place and on the website. Kailey, a Californian, has streaked blonde hair comes in a light turquoise sundress along with some little accessories and her self-titled book. Other accessories include Sandy the dog, a wetsuit and bikini set, snorkel set, and boogie board. Kailey and her accessories will be sold for one year only. See the American Girl Store website for pictures of and prices for this cute new doll and her collection.

Updates on American Girl at Hallmark

Hallmark is currently running a program called Circle of Smiles. It has been going for awhile, and I apologize for letting it slip through the cracks when I put together previous newsletters. But there is still some time left, and anyone who wants to participate can pick up a free booklet at Hallmark Gold Crown stores. There are activities for every historical girl, and once a participant completes activites for a certain historical girl, she can get a free, good quality pin of that historical character. If she earns all eight pins, on August 16th and 17th, she can bring in her completed activity booklet to receive a free necklace. The pins and necklace are otherwise not for sale. August 16th and 17th is Hallmark's Back-to-School event, and during those two days, you may enter to win a jewelry box and bracelet with the eight new AG pet charms. The AG Back-to-School binder will also be on special for $9.99 during this time.

Additionally, Hallmark has some new products. One of them is like a miniature Scenes & Settings. It is called a story box, and there is one for each of the American Girl characters. It features open-up backgrounds and standups of the characters and items from their books. Other new products include Keepsake Ornaments of the girls in their birthday outfits, a back-to-school pouch with supplies that coordinates with the back-to-school binder, a diary, 8 new pet charms for the AG bracelet, frames, and more.

New Outfits for AGOT!

The latest new outfits and accessories in the American Girl Today line are talent show mix-n-match outfits and talent show accessories. These include: a paisley dress outfit, a glitter jeans outfit, a gold jacket & skirt outfit, a sparkly keyboard, a glitter guitar, talent show accessories (including a metal trunk, pretend headset with clip-on belt pack, fringed faux-leather belt, pink sunglasses, flower necklace, stick-on earrings, and toenail decals), and a tambourine set for Coconut. The components of the three outfits can be mixed and matched for many different outfit combinations. There's also a jeans outfit and paisley dress for girls, as well as a microphone/headset combo. Check out the American Girl Store website for pictures and prices.

On a related note, the American Girl Today line has a new logo:

Three New Girls of Many Lands Introduced

Contrary to my expectations that the next three Girls of Many Lands wouldn't come out until September, Pleasant Company released them July 14th. These three new dolls in their lovely outfits can now be purchased on the American Girl website, but Leyla and Saba will not ship until 7/29, and Kathleen will not ship until 8/22. Leyla (Turkey) is $54, Saba (Ethiopia) is $48, and Kathleen (Ireland) is $50.

Society Holds its First In-person Get-together

To read the article accompanied by pictures, click here. Although the gathering was small, we had a great time. Some of the members were able to meet up early and eat in the café together. If only we had more money to spend! :-)

Monthly Membership Update

We've hit 200! Wow!
Here are the membership stats for June:
New members: 9

For July:
New members: 11
New states: Alabama, Utah
Total members: 210

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