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September 2003

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New Historical Items!

Nearly every fall, Pleasant Company releases new historical collection items, and this fall is no different. All of the historical dolls--except Felicity--now have a "stories & outfits collection." Each collection includes 3 outfits and 3 books (Kaya's has 2 outfits and 5 books) in a storage caddy that can be hung up in a closet or on a wall. (None of the outfits and books are new.) There are also two all-new Kaya items. The first is the $24 Fancy Shawl Outfit of Today, which includes a blouse, a vest, a ruffled skirt, a woven yoke, fringed moccasins, a scarf with a beaded rosette, and hair rosettes and ribbons. The second item is mini Kaya with a mini Meet Kaya book for $20. Finally, there's a new book called Samantha's Christmas Crafts, and all of the historical girls--again, except Felicity--have a new set of paper dolls which each include 2 paper dolls of friends or relatives! See for more pictures!

New Dolls--Hopscotch Hill School

On September 2, 2003, American Girl released a new line of 16", completely bendable dolls called Hopscotch Hill School, made for kindergartners and first graders. Hopscotch Hill includes three dolls: Logan, Skylar, and Hallie (each $48); three books: Thank You, Logan; Bright, Shiny Skylar; and Hallie's Horrible Handwriting; and outfits and accessories: a castle carrying case, a dress-up trunk with outfits, a rainbow activity board, a recess play set, a flowerpot desk, a gym class outfit, and a school spirit outfit. Pictures of all the new items are available on

Other New Items From American Girl

Other American Girl lines were not left out when the new items were introduced. The American Girl Today line was expanded with a new cheerleading outfit in blue and yellow, and the soccer outfit is now available in purple or blue. Additionally, there's a new AGOT pet: a black cat named Licorice.

Bitty Baby got new outfits, too: a harvest plaid set and a toggle coat outfit. Both outfits also have girl-sized counterparts. Other new items include sparkly Mary Janes & socks, ankle boots & socks, a Bitty Bunch dress-up set, and Bitty Froggy. The Bitty Twins received Fall Frolic outfits, Snowy Day snowsuits, a teeter-totter, and a toboggan for two.

Also enlarged were the Angelina Ballerina collection and the American Girls Library. See for all the new titles.

September Character Feature

In this issue, we are featuring Molly! Click here to access a page with projects and historical facts relating to Molly and the WWII era. If you haven't read all of Molly's books yet, now is a great time to check them out or borrow them from a friend and learn all about Molly McIntyre.

Monthly Membership Update

Here are the membership stats for August:
New members: 10
New states: Montana, Hawaii, Arizona
Total members: 220

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