Online Newsletter #18

October/November 2003

The Society of American Girl Collectors brings you the scoop!

New Holiday items

The American Girl Today collection was expanded recently with the addition of the Radiant Rhinestones outfit, which comes with a red dress, white faux-fir trimmed coat, tights, shoes, and a tiara for $30. Coconut also received new holiday accessories. At American Girl Place in Chicago, a new gold holiday outfit was made available as a store exclusive.

Bitty Baby's collection also received a new rosy red set, and the Bitty Twins now have snowsuits and a toboggan! Check out for pictures of the new items.


Society members Melissa, AnneMarie, and Sarah S. have been doing a little detective work, looking at for trademark filings. (This information is public domain.) There are many trademarks that Pleasant Company has abandoned, but one open trademark is on the name Tasha. The descriptions in the filings talk about historical information. Will Tasha be our next historical doll? Time will tell!

New Hallmark AG Items

Society member Tracy let us know that the new Hallmark catalog included the following American Girl items: A new Diary- $14, American Girl Tin- $4.95 or $2.95 with an American Girl purchase, and a Holiday Baking Kit-$10. Thanks Tracy! Sarah J. added that the Holiday Baking Kit includes recipes for the historical girls: Kaya's Dried Fruit and Nut Mix, Felicity's Apple Butter, Josefina's Bizcochito Cookies, Kirstens Pepparkor Cookies, Addy's Sweet Potato Pone, Samantha's Cream Cheese & Walnut Sandwiches, Kit's Checkerboard Sandwiches, and Molly's Nut-and-Raisin Bread.

June 2004--Probable New Hopscotch Hill Doll

Pat B. let us know that an search turned up the following book: Good Sport Gwen - Valerie Tripp 6/04. Pleasant Company must be planning on adding Gwen to the Hopscotch Hill doll & book line. Thanks for sharing your find, Pat!

October/November Character Feature

In this issue, we are featuring Felicity! Click here to access a page with projects and historical facts relating to Felicity and the colonial era, taken from The American Girls Club Handbook. We have featured Felicity before, but this is all new! Enjoy!

Monthly Membership Update

Here are the membership stats for September:
New members: 4

Stats for October:
New members: 5
Total members: 229

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