Online Newsletter #19

December 2003 - February 2004

The Society of American Girl Collectors brings you into the new year!

Books for 2004

Several new titles scheduled for release in 2004 are: Teasing Trouble (probably Hopscotch Hill) - June 2004; Dress Up Angelina - March 2004; Good Sport Gwen (Hopscotch Hill) - June 2004; Angelina Ballerina's Storybook Treasury - March 2004; Angelina's Ballet Class - March 2004; Angelina's Press and Dress Book - 2004, Betrayal at Cross Creek (History Mystery #22) - March 2004; The American Girls Pencil Play; The American Girls Pal Pack; Coconut's Rip-It-Out, Tear-It-Out, Use-It-All-Year School Book; Coconut Best Friends; Mini Pages and Pockets; and a Mini Poster Book. Thanks to all who chipped in info to compile this list!

New AGT & Bitty Baby Items

The latest AG catalog features some new items! The American Girl Today line received a heart print PJ's and backpack set, a warm-up outfit and mat, Coconut's Cupid accessories, and some matching clothes items for girls. Enhancing the Bitty Baby line is a new Heart-to-Heart Valentine set including a candy box tic-tac-toe game and Cupid accessories for Bitty Bear. There's also a new Bitty Froggy. In addition to the catalog, you can also check out the American Girl online store for pictures.

Rumors on the 2004 dolls

In addition to the rumor of a new doll named Tasha coming in 2004, now we have rumors that there are open trademarks on the name Rebecca. In addition, we've been told we might want to look out for a Nellie doll as well. An unnamed source says the focus of 2004 will be the historical line. I think it's going to be an exciting year!

This Issue's Character Feature

In this issue, we are featuring Josefina! Click here to access a page with projects and historical facts relating to Josefina and the Southwestern frontier, taken from The American Girls Club Handbook. We have featured Josefina before, but this is all new! Enjoy!

Monthly Membership Update

Here are the membership stats for November:
New members: 7

Stats for December:
New members: 7
New state: Nevada

Stats for January:
New members: 6
New country: Denmark
Total members: 244

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