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April 2002

Do you want to know what awesome Historical American Girl items Pleasant Company might release this year? You can find it here, in The Society of American Girl Collectors online newsletter!

Four Possible New Books for Kit!

In one of the recent catalogs, there was a page set aside for all the dolls' book sets, each of which includes a Story Collection book, "World" book, and four Short Stories. For Kit, it said "Coming this Fall." Since all the other dolls have four short stories and Kit only has one, if her book set is going to be the same as the other dolls', that means that her book set would have four short stories too. And if she is getting three new short stories, then perhaps (I'm just guessing here) she will also get a new outfit, since all the other dolls have an outfit to go along with one of their short stories. That would definitely be cool! The possibility of a fourth book comes from something intriguing I noticed on the backs of the new Travel Adventure books for Samantha and Molly (see review below). On the back of Samantha's book it said, "Read all about Molly's and Kit's travel adventures too!" and on the back of Molly's book it said, "Read all about Samantha's and Kit's travel adventures too!" So it looks like there's definitely plans for an Adventure book for Kit, although I was surprised that they'd mention it on the back of these books since no one has heard anything about Kit's book yet. We'll have to wait and see--hopefully it is released soon!

New Kaya Book Information

Society of AG Collectors member Sarah scouted out some new Kaya information for this month's newsletter. On she found an entry for Changes for Kaya. Although Changes for Kaya won't be released until 2003, a typo in the entry said it was going to be released in 2002, which is probably why she was able to find the information on Changes For Kaya but no information on the books that would be released at the same time, Happy Birthday, Kaya! and Kaya Saves the Day. If you want to read the short synopsis on the book, do a search on I also did a search on and found Changes for Kaya but not Happy Birthday, Kaya! or Kaya Saves the Day. We'll keep our eyes peeled!

American Girl Items at Hallmark

Sarah also spots this--Hallmark and Pleasant Company have made a merchandise agreement where Hallmark will sell some new American Girl-related products in its stores this fall. According to an article from on the agreement, "The first gift product offering will be based on The American Girls Collection, Pleasant Company's flagship product line of historical books, dolls and accessories. Hallmark will be developing greeting cards, gift wrap, partyware, stationery, ornaments, gifts and memory keeping products based on the American Girl brand. An in-store boutique of products rooted in literacy, storytelling and history will be offered exclusively to the approximately 5,000 Hallmark Gold Crown stores and through Pleasant Company's consumer catalogue, at its retail store, American Girl Place, and at starting in September 2002." Sarah reports that you can find sneak peeks of some of the items on a Sneak Peek page at the Hallmark homepage. Thanks for all the info, Sarah!

Future Plans for Historical American Girl Line

Another Society member, Meg V., discovered this: a short article in the March 25, 2002 edition of Newsweek on Lindsey. The article included a quote from a representative of Pleasant Company saying that the company was considering a Jewish doll as a future addition to the Historical Girls line because Lindsey had sold so well and a Jewish Historical Girl was "one of their top requests." So this is interesting for the Society for two reasons. First, it gives us some info on what we might see in the future, and second, it shows that if a lot of AG fans request something, Pleasant Company listens! Thanks for the info, Meg!

Plans and Ideas for the Society of American Girl Collectors

Two big goals I have for the Society of AG Collectors include 1) convincing Pleasant Company to bring back discontinued historical doll accessories, and 2) increasing membership. In order to start working on goal #1, The Society is launching a letter writing campaign. I mailed my letter at the end of March, and other Society members have said they will write letters also. I think the only way to let Pleasant Company know what's on the mind of collectors is to write lots of letters! So all members who would like to write letters are encouraged to write! There is a section of this site, Writing Pleasant Company, that deals with writing letters, and it will be a place that I will post copies of members' letters so that people can see what others have written and get ideas for their letters. The address for Pleasant Company is:

Pleasant Company
P. O. Box 620190
Middleton, WI 53562-0190

Felicity not to be discontinued

Society member Susan R. gives us information on the future of Felicity through a letter she received from Pleasant Company. The letter states that although Felicity will be retiring from the catalog, she will continue to be available on the website indefinitely and will not be discontinued. This is definitely good news for Historical AG fans!

Book Review for the new Travel Adventure Books

At the end of March, I purchased Samantha's Ocean Liner Adventure and Molly's Route 66 Adventure. I definitely give Pleasant Company high marks for both creativity and quality! It was neat to see actual historical photographs, postcards, and other souvenirs. That really relates each of the girls and their stories to the way the world was in their time. The books take place in 1906 and 1946, after all of the other books in Samantha and Molly's collections. Because the books are in scrapbook/journal style, there is not too much of a plot to each book, just a lot of entries and "scraps" (most of the "scraps" are just printed on the pages, of course). But the books were still entertaining and clever, and the scraps that you could fold out or remove were neat. It is fun to imagine what such trips would have been like for girls like Samantha and Molly. I think these are books that AG fans of all ages will enjoy, and I really hope that Pleasant Company comes out with something similar for Felicity, Josefina, Kirsten, Addy, and Kit!

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