Online Newsletter #21

May/June 2004

The Society of American Girl™ Collectors brings you into the summer months as we await the new products!

New Nellie Information

Wow! In this issue we have some big news about Nellie! First of all, we have a picture of her, her mini doll, and her book, Nellie's Promise! You can find them at the Pleasant Company Publications website. To see the picture of Nellie, click on "New doll drawings" in the box about the upcoming Samantha movie on the right side of the front page. To see the other products, click on "New movie-related products" in the same box. You can even read a few pages of Nellie's story. You can also see that Samantha's book covers are getting another redesign.

Further news about Nellie includes plans for the future of her line. There are no plans for her to be a limited edition doll at this time, and her accessories will not come out all at once. She is scheduled to be available for pre-order at a $25 per person AG Place NY event on June 18th, and from what we can guess, she will actually be shipped and widely released in July or August. Society member Liz reports that some Nellie accessories will be: accessories to go with the dress she comes in, a nightgown and slippers, her doll Lydia, and a holiday dress and coat. Around Christmastime, according to what Society member Bonnie has heard, her coat (and presumably the holiday dress if she is to have one) will come out, Samantha will get a new winter coat as well, and there will also be a sleigh both of them can ride in!

Retirements to pave way for new items?

Numerous American Girl Today items have gone on clearance on the American Girl Store website. Rumor has it that all these items being put on clearance means that several new things for the American Girl Today collection are coming out this summer or fall. Stay tuned!

New Felicity Information

According to credible information I have received, a few Felicity items that were retired will be reintroduced this fall! My information was that two Felicity items would come back and that they would not be in the catalog. However, Bonnie reports that she has newer information that there will be THREE Felicity items reintroduced (the school dress, her undergarments, and her shoes, socks, and garters set) and that they will be in the catalog. Either way this is great news! We'll keep our eyes peeled for any updates.

May/June Character Feature

In this issue, we are featuring Addy! Click here to access a page with projects and historical facts relating to Addy and the Civil War era, taken from The American Girls Club Handbook. We have featured Addy before, but this is all new! Enjoy!

Monthly Membership Stats

Here are the membership stats:
New members in April: 4
New members in May: 3
Total members: 269

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