Online Newsletter #22

July 2004

The Society of American Girl™ Collectors brings you info about the new products!

Nellie's Here!

On July 6th, Nellie became widely available via the website! Only the Nellie doll, the book Nellie's Promise, and Nellie's introductory accessories are available currently. We look forward to sometime in August or September when the rest of her clothes and accessories will become available. Nellie will be featured in the catalog starting in September. Welcome to Samantha's best friend!

New AGoT Items

New American Girl Today items also introduced on the website July 6th include: a jacket & cap set for doll & Coconut; a palomino horse; a Grecian Princess costume (as well as a unicorn costume for the horse and costume and chariot for Coconut); a spider witch costume; Olympic gymnastics, equestrian, and soccer outfits (along with Coconut's agility set); a star flower outfit; a sparkly sport outfit; and a reversible school bag set with a book, a watch, and a lunch. Check out the American Girl store website for pictures.

Future Samantha Items

The Society members fortunate enough to attend the Nellie and Samantha preview at American Girl Place on June 18th let us know not only about upcoming Nellie items, which we have reported on previously, but also some upcoming Samantha items, including a winter coat, a bridesmaid dress, and bridesmaid accessories. Tonya put together an Imagestation album so we could all get a preview. (You have to become an Imagestation member to view albums, but it is free.) Click here to view the album. The pictures were taken by Society member Andrea Ayers. Thank you, Andrea! It has also been reported that next year, Samantha and Nellie will get Valentine's Day outfits.

Molly's Hula Outfit is Back!

Yes, that's right, Molly's Hula Outfit has been brought out of retirement. Two changes to the outfit include a now-shiny grass skirt and plastic flowers rather than the paper lei-style of the old outfit. A book brought out in conjunction with the outfit is a craft book called Have a Molly Halloween.

New show at AG Place Chicago for Younger Girls

The American Girl website (Click here for the exact page) is now reporting that American Girl Place in Chicago will be debuting a new show September 17th called "Bitty Bear's Matinee: The Family Tree." This show will be for the younger girls under 6 who are not allowed in to the main musical. Tickets are on sale now.

In other Bitty Baby/Bitty Bear news, new Bitty Baby items were also introduced on the website on July 6th. Click here for the "what's new for Bitty Baby" page on the American Girl store website.

New AGoT Limited Edition doll in January?

On the American Girl Fans Message Board, Libby reports that an AG Place employee told her the next Limited Edition AGoT doll would come out in January. Right now that is all I have heard, so I can't confirm it, but I will definitely report if I hear anything further.

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