Online Newsletter #23

August/September 2004

The Society of American Girl™ Collectors brings you the summer buzz!

New Nellie and Samantha Items Released

On August 30th, Many new Nellie & Samantha items were released on AG's website! They include winter coats for Nellie and Samantha, Nellie's holiday dress, Jip the dog, Nellie's doll Lydia, a sleigh for Samantha and Nellie to ride in, Nellie's pajamas (matching girl sized pajamas also available), Samantha's bridesmaid dress from the upcoming movie, and Samantha's bridesmaid accessories. The new items are also appearing in the catalog. For pictures, go to the American Girl online store.

New AGoT Items Released

Also on August 30th, American Girl released 3 new styles of American Girl today dolls, along with a new "introductory" outfit (called Ready for Fun) to replace the previous Go Anywhere outfit. Other outfits and accessories include: Ready for Fun accessories; a bubble robe (also available for girls) that includes stick on braces for dolls; a bathtub & bath accessories set; a hairstyle center; a vanity set; a jacket and cap set for dolls, girls, and Coconut; a snowboarding outfit & gear (outfit also available for girls); Coconut's snowboarding accessories; Coconut print pajamas & slippers for both dolls and girls; and new glasses for dolls. Coconut also now comes with a new chew toy. A warning about the stick on braces--some customers have reported that the stick on braces can take the paint off a doll's teeth.

Limited Edition AGoT: Marisol

The newest reports about next year's Limited Edition AGoT are that she will be coming out in January, she will be named Marisol, she will be Hispanic, and she will be a dancer. Stay tuned for future details!

Other News & Rumors

The American Girl website has updated the Samantha movie page to include pictures from the upcoming movie. There is also a new movie-related sweepstakes on the website. The Grand Prize is a trip to New York for two adults and two girls for the movie's premiere along with the "a day at AG Place" package, Samantha and Nellie dolls, Samantha and Nellie holiday coats, and a few other things.

A new set of Bitty Twins with brunette hair have been released. The girl face mold from the blonde set has become the boy's face, and vice versa.

Bitty Baby and the Bitty Twins also have some new outfits and accessories, including new Bitty Lambie and cute new holiday outfits. Check out the American Girl online store for more details and pictures.

There is a new Hopscotch Hill School doll named Gwen, and her book is entitled Good Sport Gwen.

There will be a new store exclusive holiday outfit for AGoT's called the Merry Moonlight oufit. The new AGoT limited time holiday outfit will be called Winter Magic.

Samantha and Nellie's Valentine's Day outfits will be on the website and in the catalog starting next year. These dresses are rumored to be the same ones as those on the cover of Samantha's Valentine Crafts.

The rumor of a California AG Place, reported last year on the American Girl Fans Message Board, has resurfaced. Nothing is confirmed, but we'll bring you any details we find out.

August/September Character Feature

In this issue, we are featuring Samantha! Click here to access a page with projects and historical facts relating to Samantha and the Victorian era, taken from The American Girls Club Handbook. We have featured Samantha before, but this is all new! Enjoy!

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