Online Newsletter #24

October/November 2004

The Society of American Girl™ Collectors brings you the autumn news!

New Historical Books for March 2005!

Here's some exciting news: AG will be releasing at least four new historical character books in March 2005! They will be mysteries, and they will also have many more pages than previous historical books--around 150-200, depending on the book. The titles are: Danger at the Zoo: A Kit Mystery, The Curse of Ravenscourt: A Samantha Mystery, The Silent Stranger: A Kaya Mystery, and A Spy On The Home Front: A Molly Mystery. To go along with these books, other products to be released include: The American Girls Mystery Puzzle, Samantha's Mystery Party Game, Molly's Mystery Party Game, and Kit's Mystery Party Game--all labeled as March 2005.

Other books slated for March not related to the new mystery books include: Doll Jewelry, Coconut Photo Journal: Cut and Paste and Fill in the Blanks, Silver Locket Paint book, 2005 School Smarts Planner (June 2005), and The American Girls Collection Pencil Play 2. Thank you to all the super sleuths on the American Girl Fans Message Board who discovered all of the above book titles!!

Upcoming Hopscotch Hill Books

Two Hopscotch Hill School books, Lindy's Happy Ending and The Fair-Share Pair, are scheduled to be released in March 2005 also. The title of the first book suggests that there might be a new Hopscotch Hill School doll named Lindy released at the same time.

Elizabeth Rumors

A new trademark filing from September 14th, 2004 is for the name "Elizabeth," and the description of the items associated with her indicates she would be a historical doll: "Children's publications, namely books, booklets and newsletters featuring fictional and non-fictional stories of American history and events in American history and other goods in this class." There is speculation that this Elizabeth could be Elizabeth Cole, Felicity's friend, and that she will be a friend doll like Nellie. One of the American Girl Fans Message Board members, Gabby (aka AG*dancer*), got to talk to American Girl author Valerie Tripp in person, and Valerie revealed that she is writing a book about Felicity's friend Elizabeth, and she also confirmed that there would be a doll to go along with the book! What amazing news! Thanks again to Gabby and all the sleuths on the American Girl Fans Message Board who have found all this possible 2005 or 2006 book & product information!

Samantha's Wedding Memories

There is a new book in Samantha's line called Samantha's Wedding Memories. It is available from for sale on sites like Barnes & Noble (see the listing), but curiously it is not available from AG yet, nor is it listed on the Pleasant Company Publications Site, even though books are usually listed there in advance of their release. Not too much is known about it except that it is supposed to be like a scrapbook and contains crafts and excerpts from her other books.

Monthly Membership Stats

We did it--we broke 300 members!! What a milestone!

Here are the membership stats:
New members in September: 9
New members in October: 5
New country: Austria
Total members: 305

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