Online Newsletter #26

February - April 2005

The Society of American Girl™ Collectors presents the new product news!

New Historical Girl Items

The latest historical items to hit the AG shelves feature outfits for Samantha, Molly, and Kit! They each have new bathing outfits and accessories! Samantha's bathing outfit is similar to her original retired bathing outfit with some changes, and includes a bucket and shovel. She also has a new beach umbrella. Kit's bathing outfit features an oriental parasol, and she gets has a new beach chair. Molly's outfit includes a towel and beach ball, and she also gets a new beach chair. Kaya, Samantha, Kit, and Molly's new mystery books are also out. Check out the American Girl online store for pictures and prices!

Society member Rachel S. also let me know that AG is releasing the Addy, Josefina, Kaya, Kit, and Molly books with newly designed covers.

New AGOT and Bitty Baby Items

The American Girl Today and Bitty Baby lines also got a lot of new additions. To mirror the historical theme of beach outfits, each line now features beach items, including swimsuits and lots of accessories for the dolls plus Licorice and Coconut! Bitty Baby has a new beach chair and umbrella, and the AGoT's have a new cabana set. Additionally, the AGoT line now includes a horse lover outfit with accessories for Coconut, and a new tennis outfit with accessories for Licorice. The Bitty Baby line also has more springtime items. Check out the AG online store for more details!

Elizabeth Confirmed!

Yes, it's true--there definitely WILL be an Elizabeth Cole doll this fall, along with a new book entitled Very Funny, Elizabeth, written by Valerie Tripp! Some of our members have gotten early details on the Elizabeth collection (info subject to change without warning), and it seems the collection will include furniture as well as outifts, and Felicity will get some new clothes too. There is even a possibility that more retired Felicity items will be re-released. Elizabeth is scheduled for an August/September launch, but her book is already available for pre-order on

Monthly Membership Stats

Here are the membership stats:
New members in January: 7
New members in February: 4
New members in March: 7
New state: Mississippi
Total members: 340

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