Online Newsletter #28

July/August 2005

The Society of American Girl™ Collectors presents the new product news!

Elizabeth Previews

First, a big thank you to all those on the American Girl Fans message board who provided Elizabeth and Felicity information for this newsletter!

Elizabeth previews: There will be exclusive Elizabeth previews at American Girl Place Chicago on July 30th and at American Girl Place New York on July 31st and August 1st. Word is that these previews, although free, required tickets and are already "sold" out. Members of the American Girl club will get to see Elizabeth a month early, starting August 1. She will be widely available September 1st.

Preview Elizabeth's book on! Click here to read the first four pages of the new book. (No, the cover will not be such strange colors.)

Elizabeth and Felicity's Collections

News leaking from private shoppers at American Girl Place tells us that Felicity and Elizabeth will get the following items: new tea gowns and tea items (Felicity's dress possibly yellow), a covered carriage set, new coats, Patriot the pony, a stable set, a bed for Elizabeth, a governor's palace gown for Elizabeth, a night table and accessories, a redesigned clothes press said to hold dolls, a blue riding habit for Elizabeth, Elizabeth's night shift, Elizabeth's accessories which include a pinner cap, pearl necklace, fan, and earrings; and possibly more. Re-released Felicity outfits will be the green riding habit (not sure if it will be exactly the same as the first), Noah's ark, and guitar. Keep in mind that although this came from American Girl Place, it is still officially rumor at this point--but exciting rumor! It all sounds wonderful!!!

New "Modern Historical" Outfits

Following in the footsteps of Kaya's Jingle Dress and Fancy Shawl Outfits of Today, AG has created three more "modern historical" outfits: A Pow-Wow Outfit of Today for Kaya, an African Dance Outfit of Today for Addy, and an Irish Step-Dance Outfit of Today for Nellie. For pictures and prices, see the American Girl Online Store.

New Non-Historical Items

Other new non-historical items include:

For the AGoTs: A flapper girl costume, a mini Bitty Baby and stroller set, new American Girl Place-exclusive cafe aprons to match the ones employees wear, and other AGP-exclusive items.

Marisol's new items are a sparkly "spotlight stage" (a glorified doll stand) and tiara set, and a Spotlight Outfit (a purple ballet outfit).

Bitty Baby and the Bitty Twins also have new items, including some Prince & Princess outfits! Click "What's New" on the American Girl Store website for all the details, pictures, and prices.

American Girl is launching a line of personal care products at Bath and Body Works called Real Beauty, which debuts August 1st. For more details, click here to see the American Girl section of Bath and Body Works's website.

AGP Los Angeles Tidbits

Thank you Allison G. for the following: American Girl Place Los Angeles is due to open in the Spring of 2006. It will be 40,000 square feet and will be located in The Grove shopping district. How exciting!

Monthly Membership Stats

Please forgive me if I get several months behind on updating the directory. It comes with being a new mom! :) When you join, however, your email is automatically immediately entered onto the newsletter mailing list, so don't worry about that.

Here are the membership stats:
New members in June: 5
New members in July: 10
Total members: 359

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