Online Newsletter #29

September - November 2005

The Society of American Girl™ Collectors presents the news you want to know!

Elizabeth is here and Felicity is in the catalog!

The dream of many American Girl fans has come true--Felicity is back in the catalog!! Along with Felicity now is her friend, Elizabeth Cole. Both girls got a lot of new items from AG! Felicity's new items are: redesigned "Meet Felicity" accessories (to match her new "Meet Felicity" gown, the former traveling gown), baby sister Polly and cradle, Patriot the foal, a colonial stable set, a colonial tea set, tea treats, a yellow tea lesson gown, a redesigned clothes press that fits two dolls, and a colonial carriage to take her and Elizabeth to the governor's ball! Felicity's former "Meet Felicity" dress is now being sold separately as the Rose Garden Gown. The tea treats and colonial tea set have replaced the tea lesson, birthday treats, and chocolate set. Those three sets are no longer sold. Felicity's Noah's Ark, guitar, and green riding habit were reintroduced.

Elizabeth comes in a coral taffeta gown. Her collection so far consists of accessories to go with her coral gown, a night shift (there's also one for girls), a bed and blue bedding (that also fits Felicity's bed), a dressing table (like the one that used to be sold for Felicity), dressing table accessories, a pink riding outfit, a light blue tea lesson gown, a holiday ball gown, a teal colored quilted cloak, and a Charlotte doll. Of course, there's also a mini Elizabeth doll and book, as well as a redesigned mini Felicity doll and book.

For pictures and prices, see the American Girl Store website. Don't forget that Felicity's movie will be coming out soon, too!

New items for AGoT and Bitty Baby

The AGoT line has also expanded recently, to include a zip-up sweatsuit outfit, a sightseeing outfit and travel luggage set, a gala party outfit, a jeweled tiara bedding set for the three-in-one bed, star pajamas, paisley print pajamas, dream accessories for Licorice (or Coconut), a chocolate cherry outfit (this year's holiday outfit), a best friends holiday set for Licorice and Coconut, and even two new AGoT dolls! Bitty Baby has several new items, including a pram, some new bedding, a chocolate cherry outfit of her own, and more. Check out AG's website for more details!

New Historical Girl Mysteries Coming!

Three new historical girl mystery books will be coming out in 2006 (current publishing date: February 2006). They are:

Stolen Sapphire: A Samantha Mystery "Samantha and Nellie set sail for Europe in 1906. Also aboard the ship is a world-famous archaeologist and the legendary sapphire he is carrying to a London museum. When his priceless jewel disappears, Samantha realizes that every one of the first-class passengers is a suspect--and one of them must be the thief?"

Peril At King's Creek: A Felicity Mystery "Felicity is spending the summer of 1776 at her family's Virginia plantation, King's Creek, where she rides her beloved horse Penny every day. But soon Felicity hears news that British soldiers are burning Patriot farms and raiding their animals. Could the British threaten King's Creek...and Penny?"

Secrets In The Hills: A Josefina Mystery "Josefina has heard tales and legends all her life; rumors of gold and silver buried in the hills, tales of a ghostly Weeping Woman who haunts the countryside. But she never imagined that such tales might be true--until one day a mysterious stranger arrives at her rancho. Set in New Mexico in 1826."

Info from No word yet on if there will be outfits or accessories to go with these books.

Imagine Magazine

American Girl is test marketing a new magazine called Imagine. Its subtitle is "a magazine for girls and their dolls." So far, this new magazine has only been sent to customers in test markets, but if you call AG and request the magazine with the code 147125, you can get a subscription. After looking at pictures of the magazine that a recipient posted online, I can say that this new magazine looks really neat! Here's hoping AG brings it to general circulation!

Next Limited Edition AGoT--Jess

The next Limited Edition American Girl of Today will be named Jess McConnell! The publishing date given for her book is Dec. 30, 2005. We know from experience that these dates aren't always accurate, but it seems at least that she will be the girl of the year for 2006. Here is the blurb about her book (which is written by the author of the Cecile book in the Girls of Many Lands series):

"With her first step off the airplane and into bright tropical sunlight, ten-year-old Jess McConnell begins an adventure. She and her parents are spending five months at an archeological dig of ancient Maya ruins in the Central American country of Belize. It's Jess's first time out of the United States. It's her first time being home-schooled. And it's her first trip without her older brother and sister to keep her company. But Jess is excited to explore a new place all on her own. She's ready for adventure and anxious to discover just who Jess is. When Jess meets a new friend and is invited on an eco-adventure, she makes some real discoveries--about the dangers in the Belizean jungle, about the people who have lived there since long ago, and about herself. The True Story section at the back focuses on a real girl from Florida who spends every summer in Belize with her archeologist parents."

Next historical friend doll--Emily

Shelley Anne posts on the American Girl Fans Message Board that she has a friend who works for AG, and that this friend reports that the next historical friend doll will be Molly's friend Emily, a British girl who comes to stay with the McIntyres during the war. No more details are known, but speculation is that she will come out next summer about the same time of year as Nellie and Elizabeth did (late summer), and that Molly will get a movie next year.

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