Online Newsletter #3

May 2002

Want a look ahead to what's in store from American Girl this fall? You can find it here, in The Society of American Girl Collectors online newsletter!

Clues About Kaya!

At, there's a Summer Reading Celebration section on the page. If you go to that section, AG advertises a book with a CD that people will receive for web orders of $100 or more. On the front of the book is a picture of Kaya! Take a look with this scan that I made from a catalog. The section of the Reading Celebration webpage that has excerpts from American Girl books also includes a clue about the new American Girl, with a new clue each week.

Clue 1: She lives in her village with her mother, father, two sisters, troublesome twin brothers, and her grandparents.

Clue 2: She can't resist an adventure and isn't afraid to try new things.

Clue 3: From an early age, she learns that what one person does affects the safety and well-being of everyone.

Keep checking back with American Girl for more clues!

New (but puzzling) Kaya Book Information

Ever-observant Society member Sarah finds more on Kaya books at This time she finds info for two books called Kaya and Lone Dog and Kaya shows the Way. Another Society member who works at a book store, Meg, finds Kaya's Escape and Kaya's Hero. I would have guessed these four would all be Kaya short stories, but Meg says they are listed for hardcover and paperback. Stranger yet, Kaya's Hero and Kaya's Escape could not be found on, the ISBN numbers Meg gives for those books turn up as Kaya Learns a Lesson and Kaya's Surprise, and finally, Kaya Shows the Way was given an unusual list price of $11.95. The release date is given as August 1st, 2002, so hopefully these mysteries will be solved soon! Check out for more information. Thanks Sarah and Meg!

Get a FREE American Girl Book!

Yes, that is right, a FREE American Girl book! As part of the Summer Reading Celebration at, you can take a personality quiz to find out which American Girl you are most like, and at the end of the quiz, you can print out a coupon for a free American Girl book of your choice from Borders Bookstore. Head over to the American Girl Store and check it out! Promotion ends June 9.

Update on the Letter Writing Campaign

Only a couple of our members have written to Pleasant Company so far. Pleasant Company's replies state that the discontinued items were retired because there is a trend towards owning more dolls and fewer accesories for each, so accessories are not as popular. I think we need to prove them wrong, so send out those letters! One of our members, Melissa, let me know of an online site called where people could write to Pleasant Company and even post their letters as "public letters" so that other people could read them and find out about this issue. I think it would be a good way to get people interested in our campaign, so for those of you planning to write to Pleasant Company, this would be good way to do it!

New Membership Directory

Since membership in the Society is happily increasing and the main page is getting crowded, the names, emails, and other info on our members have been made into a convenient directory organized by state. Hopefully this will be an easier way to look up members, especially as the Society expands. Let's keep the Society growing!

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