Online Newsletter #32

April/May 2006

New Titles Coming

Thanks to Brigitte (Miki) on the American Girl Fans Message Board for telling me of the following AG titles that have an August 2006 publishing date:

Brave Emily by Valerie Tripp
Emily Trading Cards: Ten Cards
Josefina's Short Story Collection
Kit's Short Story Collection
Samantha's Short Story Collection
Molly's Short Story Collection
Addy's Short Story Collection
Kirsten's Short Story Collection
Felicity's Short Story Collection
Kaya's Short Story Collection
[Will Kaya have more short stories, since she's only had one published so far?]
Family Quiz Book: Discover Silly Stuff about You and Your Family
Art Starts: Every Page Illustrated by You!
The I Love Mysteries Fun Book: How to Be a Super Sleuth
Girl Talk Questions: Asked by Girls, Answered by You
Friends: Making Them & Keeping Them
You Can Do It!: A Kit to Help You Do Just about Anything
Doll Hair: Styling Tips and Tricks for Your Dolls
Girls and Their Horses: True Tales from American Girl

The Pleasant Company Publishing site also had a thumbnail of the new Brave Emily book on their site for a few hours. Since they don't seem to want the picture widely seen yet, I cannot post it, but the cover art features Emily in a sea-green dress, Molly behind her, Linda in a blue and white outfit, and Susan in a purple dress with a flower print and heart shaped pockets. They appear to be taking part in some kind of stage production or musical number.


American Girl Place Los Angeles opened for business Tuesday, April 18th. The official Grand Opening was held Saturday, April 22nd. Thousands of fans have thoroughly enjoyed the store already, and it's exciting that millions more AG fans will have nearer access to AG Place!

SOAGC Member has Photos in Imagine

Our very own Julia has had more of her work published by American Girl! They published some darling photos of AG dolls fishing and baking cookies in Imagine magazine. Unfortunately Imagine is still not available to the general public, only test-market recipients. Please let AG know if, like me, you wish you could receive this magazine--they need to know that we fans want the ability to subscribe!

Julia has previously had a feature published in American Girl Magazine (food craft--making mini slippers out of marshmallows), and is the author of AG's Tiny Treats book.

Possible Retirements

According to some American Girl personal shoppers, the following items may be retired soon. (Keep in mind that does not make it official yet.)

for Molly:
Miss Victory Costume
Rt. 66 Accessories
Party Games
Camp Gowanagin Outfit
Camping Equipment
Dude Rance Outfit
After School Outfit
Brown Oxfords
Molly's Bed
Molly's Christmas Stocking
Nightime Accessories
Molly's trunk

For Josefina:
Weaving Outfit

For Kit:
Tree House Outfit
Waffle Iron (did retire)

For Addy:
Striped Dress

Just Like You Girls:
These items could still be available until January, but who knows what type of stock they have on these items.

All of the Beach Stuff - outfits, accessories, cabana, etc.
Yoga Outfit
Coconut Pajamas
USA Soccer
Birthday Outfit (purple skirt/white shirt)
Entire Birthday stuff - table,access.,etc.
Spa Tub
Spa Sink
3 in 1 Bed

New Collector's Site

Society member Johanna let me know about her new website for AG Collectors. It includes sections on Girls of Many Lands, Hopscotch Hill, Miss AG Bear, Angelina Ballerina, the Bitty Twins, and more. Hopefully it will be a good resource for some of you collectors out there! Here it is:

Monthly Membership Stats

Please forgive me if I get several months behind on updating the directory. It comes with being a mom! :-) When you join, however, your email is automatically immediately entered onto the newsletter mailing list, so don't worry about that.

Here are the membership stats:
New members in March: 4
New members in April: 4
Total members: 425

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