Online Newsletter #34

July/August 2006

New Historical Character Outfits

Three historical girls--Josefina, Kirsten, and Samantha--recently got new outfits! Josefina's herb gathering set is $24 and includes a rebozo, herb-gathering basket, a bunch of herbs, a mortar and pestle for grinding herbs, and a bird flute necklace. Kirsten's recess set is $28 and includes a light blue coat, a hat, and a beanbag toss game. Samantha's bird watching set is $28 and includes a mauve coat and matching hat, binoculars that really magnify, and bird identification cards.

Molly's bed set was also updated and now includes a throw pillow and bedside rug. The new price of the set is $58. Check out for pictures of all the new items!

Other New Items

The Just Like You dolls also got a large number of really cute new outfits and accessories, including a new cheerleading outfit with megaphone and book; a rhythmic gymnastics set with a leotard, mat, ribbon, hoop, clubs, ball, and book; a 2-in-1 soccor uniform which includes "home" and "away" jerseys, soccer equipment, ball, bag, and book; a petals and plaid outfit and book; a sparkly tunic and jeans outfit and book; a ballet recital outfit including a program and a book; a Coconut play outfit and book; a reversible robe outfit with slippers, toenail polish stickers, and a book; a haircare kit; a hairdo helper set; a salon set with a pretend hairdryer and curling iron as well as stylist aprons for both girl and doll; a salon chair; Coconut's doghouse; a guitar with a case and music books; and a new backpack set that includes a math book, a planner, a cell phone with a clock that works, and an apple.

Bitty Baby received a pink bundle-up bunting and a lavendar cozy cardigan set. The Bitty Twins line was majorly expanded with not only the addition of numerous new outfits and accessories, but also ten new sets of twins which allow customers to choose different options when it comes to gender and hair color. You can now purchase sets with two boys or two girls or sets with one blondie and one brunette, for example. To see all the new possibilities, click on "What's new" on the American Girl Store website.

Emily Premieres!

During the first week in August, all three American Girl Place stores held Emily premiere parties, at which the new Emily and Molly items were unveiled! Several fortunate members of the American Girl Fans Message Board were kind enough to take pictures for the rest of us and create Imagestation albums so we could see the new items. (Click here to go to the message board, where you can search for the Emily premiere albums.) The new items are: A new Miss Victory costume for Molly; Molly's ice skating outfit; Molly's ice skates; Molly's hair curling kit; a vanity table and stool; a stage set with curtains, lights, and backdrops; a set of two velvet theater seats, two tickets, a bag of popcorn, and licorice whips; a chifferobe with a laundry bag, hanging garment bag, and shoe storage (this seems to be replacing Molly's trunk); Emily's tap dance costume (which looks like the costumes worn by the girls who are the flag's red and white stripes in the Miss Victory tap number); Emily's purple Christmas dress; Emily's jacket, snowpants, and boots; Emily's pajamas; Emily's robe and slippers; Yank and Bennett the puppies; and a sled. Hopefully someone will let me know if I've left out anything! Emily will premiere to the general public on August 31st, according to my information.

Kit Movie reports that the next American Girl movie will feature Kit and will be heading to theaters instead of being shown on television as with the first three American Girl movies. Walden Media, which had a huge hit with The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, will be teaming up with American Girl, Goldsmith-Thomas Productions, and Julia Roberts's Red Om Films to create the Kit movie. Click here to read the full article.

Of course, it seem safe to say that this means we will be seeing a Ruthie Smithens doll and a bunch of new items for her and Kit in 2007!!

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