Online Newsletter #35

September/October 2006

Emily is in Wide Release!

Emily Bennett's beautiful collection, along with Molly's new items (as listed in the last newsletter) are now available in the catalog and on the American Girl website. Check out What's New for the historical characters on the American Girl website for pictures and prices.

The Complete Guide to American Girl Doll Collecting also has pictures from the upcoming movie "Molly: An American Girl on the Homefront."

New Just Like You Items

The Just Like You doll line also got a big update! There are two new JLY dolls, one with light skin, layered blond hair, and blue eyes, and one with medium skin, short brown hair, and brown eyes. The blond doll is the first and only JLY doll to have earrings. The outfit that the JLY dolls come in, as well as the accessories to match, have changed as well, to a lavendar and blue "I Like Your Style" outfit consisting of a long-sleeved shirt, a skirt, and silver-trimmed boots. Other new items are: a pink "Sweet Sequins" party outfit, "Sweet Sequins" party accessories, a white "Wintry Weekend" outfit, a "Let it Snow" sleep set, a curlique vanity, a curlique bed, butterfly bedding, a computer set, a purple armoire designed to house the computer set, berry-stitched tennis shoes, casual clogs, metallic sport shoes, strappy flats, and a tights and socks set. See the What's New for Just Like You section of the AG online store for pictures and prices.

More Historical Mysteries Coming

According to, American Girl will be publishing three new historical character mystery books on February 20, 2007. They are: Shadows on Society Hill: An Addy Mystery, Midnight in Lonesome Hollow: A Kit Mystery, and The Light in the Cellar: A Molly Mystery. AG will also publish Minute Mysteries 2: More Stories to Solve.


There is only a little more to report on Rebecca right now--just that she is rumored to be in the works and would be a Russian Jewish immigrant doll, and her name may be spelled Rebekah.


Thanks to Perstephanie on the American Girl Fans Message Board, we have information on who the Girl of the Year 2007 will be and what her books are about. Yes, that's books--plural--as there will be a book titled "Nicki" with a publication date of December 20, 2006, and a book titled "Thanks to Nicki" with a publication date of May 21, 2007. The author is Ann Howard Creel. Here are the book blurbs:

Nicki: Girls will love meeting Nicki, the Girl of the Year 2007! Nicki Fleming is a natural with animals. When the chance to train a serivce dog comes up, she just can't say "no," even if it means taking on more responsibility and having to give up some of the things she loves doing. When Sprocket the puppy turns out to be a handful, Nicki has to muster all of her compassion to continue his training. She knows that one day Sprocket will make someone else's life better--and that makes all the difference. The "True Story" section at the back of the book focuses on real girls who have experience training service dogs.

Thanks to Nicki: Nicki's story continues, with a second book about the Girl of the Year 2007. Ten-year-old Nicki Fleming has been having a busy summer on her Colorado ranch. When she isn't training Sprocket to be a service dog, she's helping her mother, who is expecting twins soon. Yet Nicki is dreading the fall--that's when Sprocket will have to leave for more training and eventual placement with a person with special needs. The beginning of the school year also means she's stuck in the middle--caught between her two best friends, Kris and Becca, who can't seem to get along. Can Nicki find a way to let Sprocket go and keep both of her good friends close? The "True Story" section at the back of the book focuses on real girls who have experience training service dogs.

If anyone has more info on Nicki, please let me know!

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