Online Newsletter #36

November 2006 - January 2007

Girl of the Year 2007: Nicki Fleming

The Girl of the Year 2007, Nicki Fleming, is here! Nicki grew up on a Colorado ranch and has a horse named Jackson. In her book, she must decide whether she can manage to train a service dog named Sprocket. The Nicki doll comes with a white bodysuit and blue skirt, cowboy boots, and the book Nicki. The rest of her collection includes: a ranch outfit with chaps and a duffel bag; a straw hat; Jackson the horse; Jackson's tack box, which comes with a brush, ankle wraps, a bag of carrots, saddlebags, and a western-style saddle; Sprocket the pup, who comes with a service-dog vest, a training log, scoop sacks, and a box of pretend treats; a pink tie-top shirt with shorts and sandals; and a hot pink and white gala outfit. Head on over to American Girl's What's New page for pictures and prices!

New Items for Emily and Molly

Molly and Emily have new outfits and accessories for their PTA recital from the book Brave Emily! Molly's recital outfit is a peach-colored satin dress with a pleated skirt and cream-colored shiny shoes. Her percussion set includes a triangle, tambourine, and cymbals. Emily's outfit includes a mint green dress, white T-strap shoes, and barrettes. Her Flutophone accessories include a Flutophone and box, a music stand, and a music book. Head over to AG's online shop for pictures and prices!

New Just Like You Items

The Just Like You line got several adorable new additions also! First up is the Sweetheart skirt set which includes a white sleeveless lacy top, a light pink skirt with flowers embroidered on it, light pink espadrilles, heart shaped hair clips, a neck scarf, a hot pink woven purse, and the Mini Mystery book Sweet Smarts. Possibly due to the popularity of the first baking outfit and accessories (now sold out) for the Just Like You dolls, AG also introduced two really sweet (pun intended :o) bakery sets. The Sweet Treats Bakery Case includes a wooden bakery case with a faux-marble top, a round pan of frosted cinnamon rolls, a tray of doughnuts, a tray of heart-shaped sugar cookies decorated with red and white frosting, brownies, cupcakes with heart-shaped sprinkles a printed linen set for the top of the table, a covered cake stand with a fancy doily and a pretend layer cake, and a pastry box. The Sweet Treats accessories include an embroidered apron and kerchief, a flour sack, a sifter, a mixing bowl, vanilla extract, a wooden spoon, a rolling pin, a heart-shaped cookie cutter that works with real cookie dough, a quilted hot pad, an oven mitt, and pink sprinkles.

Historical Mystery Book Covers

The cover art for the upcoming historical character mystery stories (Shadows on Society Hill: An Addy Mystery, Midnight in Lonesome Hollow: A Kit Mystery, The Light in the Cellar: A Molly Mystery, and Minute Mysteries 2) are now up on sites such as Barnes & Noble and for anyone wanting to take a sneak peek! You can also pre-order the books.

Atlanta AG Boutique

Exciting news for those near Atlanta: AG will be opening up a Boutique store (an AG store that is smaller than an AG Place) in North Point Mall in Alpharetta, Georgia (northern suburb of Atlanta). Other rumors about AG Boutique(s) include: possible locations in Houston, Dallas, or Seattle; that the store(s) will be opening in Fall 2007; and that the boutique may include a bistro in addition to the store. Thanks to members at the American Girl Fans Message Board for these tidbits!

Kit Movie Rumors

It sounds like the planned Kit movie, which was to come out in theaters, will probably be delayed by AG until at least 2008, and will probably not be in theaters either. Other rumors have it that the movie is cancelled. I will be keeping tabs on any developments...

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