Online Newsletter #4

June 2002

Want new pictures and clues about upcoming American Girl items? You can find them here, in The Society of American Girl Collectors online newsletter!

Pictures of Kaya and other Info

Society member Susan was kind enough to take some digital pictures of several Kaya pages in the book The Best That I Can Be from American Girl. Thanks, Meg! Click these links to see the pictures:

Pic 1 | Pic 2 | Pic 3 | Pic 4

Meg also solves the mystery of the "differently named" Kaya books. According to The Best That I Can Be, Kaya's books will not be named the same as the rest of the American Girls' books after all. Society Member Sarah finds that on Barnes & Noble's Website all 6 Kaya books (Meet Kaya, Kaya's Escape!, Kaya's Hero, Kaya and Lone Dog, Kaya Shows the Way, and Changes for Kaya) will be coming out in August, with the release date on some of them saying August 15th.

Further Kaya Clues from

Here are some more clues about Kaya from the American Girl website:
Clue #4: She dreads a bad opinion of herself more than a punishment.
Clue #5: Her nickname is Magpie-and she doesn't like it one bit! A magpie is a selfish bird.
Clue #6: She boasts sometimes, so she carries a magpie bird feather to remind her that she must think of others before herself.
Clue #7: She rides like the wind on her beloved horse, Steps High.

New Historical Girl-related Books

Our sharpest detective, Sarah, also finds four new book titles and activity items on the Barnes & Noble website. They are:
The American Girls card game-$9.95
The American Girls mini puzzles-$9.95
Kit's Friendship Fun-$10.95
Samantha's Friendship Fun-$10.95
I guess we will have to wait and see if there are "friendship fun" books for the other girls in the series. See below for some pics. Thanks, Sarah!

Hallmark-AG Update

Sarah also relates information from her latest visit to a Hallmark store. She said that some AG items we already know about, such as story collections and short stories, were for sale in the store. The lady in the store told her that the new AG items will be unveiled in late August and early September. Gold Crown cardholders, however, will get a sneak peek at the new items on Hallmark's website. Cardholders will be able to use their card PIN numbers to access the information. So if you have a Hallmark Gold Crown card, be sure and check out their website periodically and look for the sneak peeks. Pictures of two items can be found on Hallmark's site.

More Felicity Discontinuations?

Some of our members have noticed that Felicity items such as her Sweet Dreams Collection and nightgown are disappearing from the American Girl website. Her dressing table was put on monthly special, but we can only wait to see if this means anything. Since her items no longer appear in the catalog, there is no way to tell if these disappearances mean discontinuation for sure, especially since most of the components of the Sweet Dreams collection are still listed singly. However, Felicity fans should be advised in case they want to order these items. It might be the case that Pleasant Company was less than honest with its assurances that Felicity items would continue to be available on the website.

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