Online Newsletter #45

December 2008 - February 2009

2009 GOTY and Friends Have Arrived

For the first time ever, AG's Girl of the Year has friends--yes, not one friend but two! 2009's GOTY is Chrissa Maxwell and her friends are Sonali and Gwen. Chrissa is a bangless brunette with blue eyes and comes in a pink floral print knee-length dress with ankle strap shoes, and her first book, Chrissa is included. Sonali, who looks to be of Indian heritage, arrives in a turquoise knitted tunic over a lime green t-shirt, denim knickers, and ballet-flat shoes. She comes with the book Friends: Making Them & Keeping Them. Gwen, a brown-eyed blonde, comes in a white dress with floral embroidery, a headband, and sandals. She comes with the same book Sonali does.

Clothes for Chrissa include a swimsuit with swim team gear, a warm-up set, a sundress, and purple pajamas. Chrissa also has a pet llama named Sunburst, a craft studio with a sewing machine and sewing table, a pink picnic table with party decorations, and a set of party treats. The book Chrissa Stands Strong is also available. Additionally, there is an "IM-me" instant messenger for girls that works on a closed network with a limited range. See the American Girl online store for pictures and prices!

Major Rebecca News

It's official: Jewish historical girl Rebecca will be released by AG in 2009! Her time period is reported to be 1914. Her release date is not precisely known, but lists the publishing date for her books as June 2009. The books are written by Jacqueline Dembar Greene and the titles are:
Meet Rebecca
Rebecca and Ana
Candlelight for Rebecca
Rebecca and the Movies
Rebecca to the Rescue
Changes for Rebecca

Also, some of her accessories have been said to be: a Sabbath set, a Hanukkah set, a sideboard, a bed, kittens, a phonograph, a movie outfit, a school outfit, and a school set.

New Items for Kit

With the new year comes new items for Kit: a reporter dress with floral print and red trim, a reporter set that contains many of the same items that were in her photography set plus a newspaper, and a light blue "bunny pilot"-print sleeveless one-piece playsuit with cuffed shorts. Pictures and prices are up on the American Girl website.

Samantha and Nellie Mostly Gone

Sadly, Samantha and Nellie items are now mostly gone. Samantha and a smattering of her items are all that is now available, and everything will be discontinued upon stockout. The books are to remain in print. See what's left at the American Girl online store.

Monthly Membership Stats

Here are the latest monthly membership stats:

New members in October: 7
New members in November: 12
New members in Decmeber: 10
Total members: 589

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