Online Newsletter #46

March/April 2009

Lots of Rebecca News

There is a bunch of new information on the latest historical character, Rebecca Rubin, and I've attempted to bring you all I know!

Release date: Barnes & Noble's website says the Rebecca mini doll and all Rebecca books will be available May 4 (except Meet Rebecca; it says May 31 for that one--not sure why the dates differ). Some members of the American Girl Fans Message board got emails from Personal Shoppers at American Girl Place letting them know that Rebecca's release date is May 31. There will be activities at American Girl Places and Boutique & Bistro stores centered around Rebecca on several different dates; check out the website for the AG stores for precise dates, times, and locations.

Book descriptions: As a refresher, the Rebecca book titles are: Meet Rebecca, Rebecca and Ana, Candlelight for Rebecca, Rebecca and the Movies, Rebecca to the Rescue, and Changes for Rebecca. You can now search these titles on Powell's Books and read a summary for each book!

Pictures: Last but definitely not least, Doll Diaries has a picture of an illustration of Rebecca (including a paragraph and a half of description of the character) from promotional materials, as well as small pictures of the Rebecca book covers! Click here for this very cool scoop!

Historical Mysteries are Available

The four new historical mysteries, Clue in the Shadows: A Molly Mystery,The Cry of the Loon: A Samantha Mystery, Lady Margaret's Ghost: A Felicity Mystery, and Tangled Web: A Julie Mystery have been available for about 6 weeks, so if you want to do some more American Girl reading, check out these latest historical character books!

Latest Trademark News

Some intrepid AG sleuths have discovered new live American Girl trademarks for the names Laurette, Emeline, and Marie-Grace. The description says "Dolls, doll clothing and doll accessories." It does not yet say "historical" as the historical character listings have in the past. These names are listed as "published for opposition" on March 31, 2009. This step is a sign that AG is moving forward with these trademarks. I will be sure to report anything more I find out!

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