Online Newsletter #48

August - October 2009

New Items for Rebecca, Julie, JLY, Bitties

At the beginning of September, American Girl released many new items from historical to modern to Bitty. Rebecca received a purple Hanukkah dress; a Hanukkah set with a menorah, dreidel, and gelt; a black winter coat and hat; a phonograph with three records that play and a record album; a costume chest with a couple mix-and-match costumes; and a dark pink settee. Julie received a calico dress; a table & chairs set; a fondue set with a pot, skewers and fruit, plates, cups, napkins, a tablecloth, and a molded gelatin on a platter; a floral jumpsuit with a zip-up turtleneck sweater; and a banana seat bike.

AG also released MANY new JLY dolls. Additionally, there are several new holiday outfits and some other accessories for the JLY dolls. Girl of the Year Chrissa received a winter outfit with snowpants, as well as some fun snow gear. The Bitties weren't left out either; check out American Girl's website for the details on everything!

AG is Archiving Kirsten!

Sadly, American Girl has decided to retire another beloved historical character, Kirsten Larson. AG sent out letters and emails at the end of September notifying customers of the pending archival. All of her outfits and accessories are now available on a "while supplies last" basis. Kirsten has been around since the beginning in 1986 and has many, many fans (including yours truly). Lets hope AG brings her back for an encore someday.

McDonald's AG Promotion Wraps Up

McDonald's restaurants recently finished an AG Happy Meal promotion which featured small books for eight of the historical characters (no Samantha or Rebecca). Each book contained a few pages of text on the character and her time period, followed by pages with trivia and games and a small craft for which the supplies were included. The books folded out to show two scenes from each girl's stories and included paper dolls of the girls and their friends as well as stickers to stick on the scenes. AG and McDonald's should be given high marks for quality and play value on these books!

Initial 2010 GOTY Book Info

The 2010 Girl Of The Year books don't have titles yet, but there is ISBN and author information, so we know there are two books, and they are written by Jane Kurtz and illustrated by Robert Papp. More info as I get it!

New Historical AG Mysteries in 2010

Slated for release in March 2010 are three more historical character mysteries! The titles are: Secrets at Camp Nokomis: A Rebecca Mystery, Puzzle of the Paper Daughter: A Julie Mystery, and Missing Grace: A Kit Mystery.

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