Online Newsletter #49

November 2009 - January 2010

Girl Of The Year 2010, Lanie, is Released!

American Girl rang in the new year with its newest Girl of the Year, Lanie Holland. Lanie has curly blonde hair and hazel eyes, and loves being outdoors and protecting nature. She comes in a blue and green dress with a polo-style top, and the rest of her wardrobe consists of an orange-red and orange "butterfly outfit;" a gardening outfit with white shorts, a blue plaid tunic top, a wide-brimmed hat, and sandals; and a blue nightgown that comes with green slippers and a stuffed orangutan. Her accessories include her pet bunny Lulu, a laptop and green messenger bag, a charm bracelet, and a letter and two postcards. Reflecting her love of nature, other accessories are: a cute racoon in a recycling can; a wildlife set with a snow owl, a fox, four butterflies, and a gray squirrel; and a hammock with a pillow and nature journal. The pinnacle of her collection is an awesome camper with a kitchenette, bench, faux shower, and a message board that flips down into bunk for Lanie to sleep on. The camper also comes with play food, kitchen ware, a sleeping bag, and stickers for decorating the camper. Lanie's books are entitled "Lanie" and "Lanie's Real Adventures." Check out the American Girl store for prices and pics!

Other New Items

The Just Like You line also received some new items, including a new pet, Pepper--a husky puppy. New outfits include a pretty petal pink outfit and an elegant new black figure skating outfit. Bitties have new items, too. Check out the What's New section of the American Girl site to see everything!

New AG Store in Denver

American Girl is opening a new store in Denver, Colorado! The store will be attached to the Park Meadows mall and will be 8500 square feet. The store will not have a cafe or party room, but there will be a hair salon and a station for creating doll T-shirts. The store is slated to open in spring of 2010, probably in March.

Intriguing new AG Book Descriptions

A member of the American Girl Fans Message Board has discovered some interesting AG book listings in professional library resources. She has found listings for "Denise" and "Sarah," each to have a six book set released in 2010 by American Girl Publishing, both of which are described as children's historical fiction.

Now the speculation begins: Are there going to be two full-fledged historicals in 2010? A historical and a friend with a six book set instead of one book like the other friends? What era(s) are these girls from? I'll keep you in the know as I find out more information.

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