Online Newsletter #53

Winter 2011

New 2011 Historical(s) Confirmed!

Big News--At least one, and probably two, historical dolls are confirmed for 2011!! How do we know? The display shelf for the special-edition mini dolls (see article below on 25th anniversary items) contains two extra spots. The two extra spots are shown with generic doll silhouettes, unlike the other spots, which have silhouettes of the current historical girls. Each space on the shelf says when the mini doll will be released, and those two say "New Historical October 2010." We don't know whether this means two full-fledged historicals or a historical and a friend. None of the other friend dolls are getting special 25th anniversary dolls of themselves, but we don't know if that means anything as far as whether historical #2 is a full-fledged character or a friend. Adding to the confusion is the description of the "New Historical Character Event" [notice the use of the singular] that will be part of the 25th anniversary cruise. The description from the American Girl website is as follows:

Your girl can be one of the first to enjoy this in-depth introduction to the newest addition to our historical character line. The event gives girls the chance to discover more about the stories, find out what it was like growing up in that time, and create crafts inspired by the era.

In this description it says "addition" and "era" in the singular. So it's anyone's guess what exactly is coming in the fall, but we know there will be at least one new girl for sure! How exciting!

New Historical Outfits

Historical character fans who have been hoping for something new for their beloved girls were delighted when American Girl released a new outfit for each of the main historical characters at the beginning of 2011! Kaya has a new turqoise pow-wow outfit of today; Josefina has a fiesta dress with a flowery pattern on the skirt, a black vest, and black flats; Addy has a pink and tan plaid dress with a white pinafore, a hairbow, and two-tone boots; Rebecca has a white lace drop-waist dress with pink bows, a pink hairbow, and white Mary Janes with pink bows; Kit has a fancy floral-print dress with a lavendar hairbow and cream T-strap shoes; Molly has a skirt and blouse set in a light blue and white polka-dotted pattern, white socks, and white T-strap shoes; and Julie has a summer set with an off-the-shoulder blouse, striped skirt, blue sandals, and a headband with flowers on it. Kaya's and Addy's outfits are $32, and the rest are $28.

There are also some new MyAG outfits and accessories including pajamas, a darling breakfast in bed set, and a fancy occasion dress.

Girl of the Year 2011 Kanani is Here

Aloha to AG's first Hawaiian girl, Kanani Akina, who debuted on January 1st! Kanani has the longest hair of any AG, and comes wearing a blue tropical print dress, a faux hibiscus flower, a pretend kukui nut necklace, and ruffled blue sandals. She also comes with her first book, Aloha, Kanani. Kanani's collection includes a number of outfits: a purple and pink lu'au set, an "aloha outfit" with a t-shirt and capris, a beach outfit with a swimsuit and shorts, and turquose pajamas with slippers. Her accessories include: a set with a tote bag, Hawaiian accessories, and her dog Barksee; a shave ice stand, a set with a paddleboard, paddle, life vest, towel, and beach accessories; a plush Hawaiian monk seal; and a lounge chair, ottoman, pillow, and diary set. Head on over to AG's website for all the pictures and details!

New American Girl Store to Open in DC Area

American Girl is going to open their newest store in the Washington DC area this summer, reportedly in June. The store will be located in Tyson's Corner Center mall, which is in McLean, Virginia, just to the west of DC. If you would like to read more, the Washington Post has this article on the coming store.

AG Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Items and Events

American Girl turns 25 this year, and you're invited to the celebration! American stores are having lots of events, which you can see listed on AG's site here.

American Girl is also releasing a special edition mini doll each month, as well as a special display shelf for them. The first 10 will be the main historical characters in their holiday outfits, and the last two will be of the new historical(s). The AG shop page is here.

Finally, AG is hosting a themed cruise in November--but the reservations are already sold out, having been snapped up within a mere couple of days after the first of the year. There is now a waiting list.

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