Online Newsletter #55

Summer 2011

Marie-Grace and Cécile are here!

American Girl has outdone themselves this time, with TWO new beautiful historical characters sharing one book series set in New Orleans! Cécile Rey is an African-American girl from a free family of color, and Marie-Grace Gardner is returning to New Orleans with her doctor father after having lived a number of years in the North. The girls meet and become friends, then weather the yellow fever epidemic together.

Cécile comes in a beautiful teal blue dress, and her accessories and outfits include: an accessory set with a hat, necklace, and gloves; a purple and gold parlor outfit; gold boots; a parlor desk that can look like a table or open up to be a desk; a set with a parrot in a cage, paper dolls, a newspaper, and a magnifying glass; a nightwear set with a nightgown, robe, and slippers; a bed with a partial canopy and mosquito net; and a red Special Dress. Marie-Grace comes in a pink plaid dress, and her accessories and outfits include: an accessory set with a hat, heart locket, and fan; a blue skirt set; her dog, Argos; a nightgown and slippers; a vanity (nightstand) set with a pitcher and bowl, towel, and two faux bottles; and a purple and green party outfit. Items for both girls include a masquerade ball gown; fairy costume accessories; a fancy coat; a banquet table with an embroidered tablecloth, treats, and a punch bowl; and a crinoline and chemise set.

The books in their series are: Meet Marie-Grace, Meet Cécile, Marie-Grace and the Orphans, Troubles for Cécile, Marie-Grace Makes a Difference, and Cécile's Gift. Check out the American Girl website for all the pictures and details!

Next Movie to be Girl of the Year Movie

It looks like the next AG movie won't be the Julie musical that was rumored some time ago. There is a movie currently filming, and it appears to be a movie about the next GOTY. The lead girl is a gymnast who gets injured, and she has an Asian friend. The movie stars Nia Vardalos of My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Jade Pettyjohn as the girl. It is being filmed in Canada.

2012 Historical?

Rumors are flying that AG is going to come out with a new historical doll in 2012, despite the fact that they came out with two new historicals this year, and they have never done historical releases in back-to-back years. But they have never done two historicals at once before (as they are doing this year), so who knows, maybe they're shaking things up a bit! The news relates to 6 new books that are slated to release next year, but which are likely not about Marie-Grace and Cécile because the author is different. According to information shared on the AG Fans Message board, the author is Kathleen Ernst. Back when Marie-Grace and Cécile were also nothing but rumor, there was speculation that the next historical could either be from New Orleans (which was the case), or she might be a Western doll. So perhaps this new girl is the Western doll? All is speculation at this point, but I will be sure to include any news I find out in upcoming newsletters.

Missed Mysteries

I don't know how I missed it, but earlier this year AG came out with 3 new historical mysteries: The Silver Guitar: A Julie Mystery, Clue in the Castle Tower: A Samantha Mystery, and Bundle of Trouble: A Rebecca Mystery. Nice to see AG's still giving Samantha some attention in the form of a new book!

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