Online Newsletter #57

Winter/Spring 2012

Three new AG Stores to Open

If you check out American Girl's Stores page, you'll see that there is a Grand Opening scheduled for a St. Louis store on April 21-22! The store will be located at Chesterfield Mall.

But that's not all! reports that two more new stores are coming this year also: Houston and Miami! ABC Local reports on a Houston store that will be opening at Memorial City Mall "this summer." The Miami Herald reports that a store will be opening at The Falls in South Miami-Dade "this fall."

Girl of the Year 2012: McKenna

We now know all about this year's Girl of the Year, McKenna Brooks. Her story, told in her books McKenna and McKenna, Ready to Fly! is that of a gymnast having trouble balancing school and sports, who deals with a gymnastics injury as well as needing a tutor. McKenna's collection includes gymnastics accessories, a beam and bar set, a dog, a cast and crutches, and a big loft bed with lots of accessories. Her wardrobe includes a mix-and-match practice outfit, a school outfit, rain gear, a fancy outfit, pajamas, and a warm-up outfit available only with her starter collection.

Marie-Grace and Cécile Get New "Limited Time" Items

American Girl recently released some beautiful new spring/summer items for our New Orleans girls: a metal, teal colored courtyard furniture set; a breakfast set of glassware, fruit, and beignets; a yellow, teal-trimmed dress with a bonnet and black and white boots for Cécile; a pink checked dress with a triple-tiered skirt, hat, and two-toned boots for Marie-Grace; and a lacy parasol. These items are advertised as "limited time only," with no given date for when AG expects to stop selling them. Check out pictures, prices, and descriptions at

2012 Historical Books Listed on Amazon

Now we have even more public, official word on the existance of a 2012 historical character: the books (without titles) are listed on here! The author is confirmed to be Kathleen Ernst, as I reported in an earlier newsletter, and the release date is given as September 4, 2012, so we know for sure she's coming out this year! This will certainly be unprecedented, as AG has never released full-fledged historical characters in back-to-back years. Still no word on what time period the books are set in.

GOTY 2013 Illustrator Revealed

Once again, a hat tip to Doll Diaries: The illustrator of the GOTY 2013 books will be Sarah Davis, who did the Kanani illustrations. Here's a post about it on Sarah Davis's site.

Monthly Membership Stats and Happy 10th Birthday SOAGC!

In March 2012, the Society of American Girl Collectors celebrated its 10th birthday! Wow! Happy birthday, SOAGC! Here are the latest monthly membership stats:

New members in December: 6
New members in January: 1
New members in February: 1
Total members: 686

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