Online Newsletter #6

August 2002

American Girl is coming out with a lot of new products this fall, and you can find out about them here, in The Society of American Girl Collectors online newsletter!

Felicity Collection Information

First the bad news: Lots of Felicity items are being discontinued, and this has been confirmed by AG itself on the website. The discontinued items are: nightshift and cap, clothes press, dressing table, nighttime necessities, Windsor writing chair, extra shoes and socks, undergarments, and rescue kit. This doll is going to have nothing left pretty soon! It is definitely sad to see these things go, but there may be hope. An anonymous AG employee emailed me after finding this site and reading posts and newsletters. She said that AG is having some decision problems regarding what to do with Felicity's collection, and here's why. When AG decided to announce that Felicity was "retiring," people immediately thought of the way Ty Company used that word for Beanie Babies, meaning "never to be available again," even though AG had planned to keep Felicity and her stuff available on the website, as they have told several Society members in letters. As a result there was a giant stampede and rush on AG to buy all manner of Felicity stuff. The AG employee told me that they ran out of years supplies of some Felicity things! So right now they are deciding to let some things lapse. They had plans to "reintroduce" Felicity in a couple years anyway but now the employee is not sure what will happen. In any case, it is possible (the employee didn't know for sure) that at least a few of all these accessories that have retired in the last few months will come back in the future, when they get all their problems worked out. Society member Anne Marie lets us know that a Pleasant Company rep told her Felicity's nightgown should come back in September, due to a lot of inquiries about it. The rep also said that her Sweet Dreams Collection should be available in September too, but I'm not sure that is possible, since they are retiring Felicity's night table and nighttime necessities anyway. (Society members: Be sure to write AG and express your extreme displeasure with all this retiring!!)

Kaya Information

Society Member Meg let us know that has large, approximately quarter-screen sized pictures of the Kaya books. These pictures show the covers in much better detail than we have seen before. On the down side, however, says the Kaya books are coming out in September, not August as was previously reported. says Sept. 1. This would be consistent with AG tradition, as they usually introduce new products in September. Society member Kathy let us know that Kaya will make her debut at American Girl Place on September 1st. However, Meg says that the info she found at the bookstore where she works says August 15th.

Society Member Sarah found these synopses of the Kaya books (and friendship fun books) from

Caution, Spoilers!!

Meet Kaya: Kaya dreams of racing her beautiful mare Steps High, but her father warns her that Steps High isn't ready. A pesky boy challenges her anyway, and Kaya enters into the race of her life.

Kaya's Escape: Enemy raiders are invading Kaya's village. Kaya's mother tells her to run for the woods with her blind sister, Speaking Rain. But as Kaya runs to help her horse escape too, she and Speaking Rain are captured.

Kaya's Hero: When Swan Circling saves a baby on a runaway horse, Kaya is awed by the young warrior woman's bravery. Kaya wants to be strong like her, and she hopes to be worthy of being her friend too.

Kaya and Lone Dog: Kaya misses Speaking Rain so much, and her heart is heavy as she mourns Swan Circling's death. When she meets Lone Dog, a stray who keeps to herself, she thinks she has found a new friend.

Kaya Shows the Way: Kaya can't wait for summer at Celilo Falls, where thousands of families gather to fish, feast, and dance. But she's hoping someone there will have word of her lost sister, Speaking Rain.

Changes for Kaya: Speaking Rain has returned! As Kaya joins a hunting party in the mountains, she's hopeful that she'll find her beloved horse, Steps High, too. But Speaking Rain is troubled--she smells the smoke from mountain fires.

Kit's Friendship Fun: This collection of recipes, crafts, and games from Kit's time period--the 1930s--also features historical sidebars and authentic historical images, plus step-by-step instructions. Full-color photos.

Samantha's Friendship Fun: Crafts, games, and recipes from Samantha's time period--the early 20th century--are collected in this activity book that allows girls to travel back to the turn of the century. From how to put on a homecooked Sunday brunch to learning a tricky version of hopscotch, this guide also features historical sidebars that tie to the activities of of Samantha's stories and authentic historical images. Full-color photos.

New American Girl of Today Items

The American Girl of Today items I reported seeing at American Girl Place in last month's newsletter are now for sale at the American Girl online store and in the newest AG catalog. There is also a new butterfly costume for Bitty Baby.

The Society Debuts a Page for Members' Pictures

New to the Society--a page for members to show off themselves and their dolls! Click here to view the page. Email Ann if you have a picture to submit. We only have one picture so far, so send 'em in!

Puzzle and Card Game Pics

Meg lets us know that has pictures of the upcoming American Girl Puzzles and American Girl Card Game on its site. Kaya is included in both. Thanks Meg!

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