Online Newsletter #60

Winter 2013

Girl of the Year Saige is Here!

The 2013 Girl of the Year is Saige Copeland! There are two books about her, Saige, and Saige Paints the Sky. Her blurb states: "Saige Copeland loves the arts and her horses. But when both of her passions are threatened, she turns to her creative side. With imaginative solutions, she proves that one girl can make a difference."

Saige comes in an indigo dress with a Southwestern belt and faux-leather boots, pierced ears, and a ring. Her accessories set comes with a purse and several items of jewelry. She also has a horse & parade saddle set, a parade outfit, a hat and a horse-riding helmet set, a hot air balloon set with ballooning accessories, a sparkly dress, a pajama set with shorts, a dog named Rembrandt, a geometric-pattern sweater set with leggings and sandals, and a painting set with an easel, five paintings, a sketchpad, a portfolio, faux paint, brushes, and a palette.

In addition to Saige, AG also released some new items for the My American Girl line, which you can see on their website.

Upcoming Historical Mysteries

American Girl is planning on publishing three new historical character mysteries on February 26, 2013. They are:
The Haunted Opera: A Marie-Grace Mystery by Sarah Masters Buckley
Traitor in the Shipyard: A Caroline Mystery by Kathleen Ernst
Lost in the City: A Julie Mystery by Kathleen O'Dell

Each will sell for $6.95. You can see cover art at

Columbus, Ohio Store to Open in 2013

A definite date is not known yet, but AG plans to open a store in Columbus, Ohio at the Easton Mall sometime in the summer of 2013.

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