Online Newsletter #61

Spring 2013

Saige Movie Trailer

American Girl now has a movie trailer up on their website for the movie "Saige Paints the Sky." The movie, to be released later this year, features Jane Seymour and is about Saige's attempts to save the art program at her school. To see it, click here.

San Francisco Store Planned

Scheduled to open in the fall of 2013, the San Francisco Bay Area is getting an American Girl store. The store will be located in Palo Alto at the Stanford Shopping Center. According to this article on Babble, "The two-level 15,000 square foot "experiential retail store" will include the historical and contemporary dolls, their goodies, the books, a restaurant (for dining, tea parities and birthday parties), a doll hair salon, and a "Creativi-Tees" boutique (where you can design doll-sized t-shirts)."

Spring Releases

In February, American Girl released its spring items, including a few historical items. Caroline now has a calf (named Garnet, from "Changes for Caroline") and a work dress with a mob cap and boots. Molly has a new yellow bed and bedding, as well as blue and white floral pajamas. Other new items for MyAG and Bitty Baby have also been released and can be seen in the "what's new" section of the American Girl website.

Girl of the Year 2014 Tidbit

Word is out that the Girl of the Year 2014 movie is going to be about a girl that is a ballerina. The Washington Examiner had a casting call for young ballerinas up on its website for a short time, but that page has since been removed. That is all the information I have been able to find so far.

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