Online Newsletter #8

October 2002

The new products are out, and you can learn more about them here, in The Society of American Girl Collectors online newsletter!

Kaya is Here!

On September 3rd, American Girl officially launched Kaya through their website. Kaya's collection contains the following outfits and accessories: Kaya doll & book with deerskin dress & moccasins; accessories with bag & belt pouch; an adorned deerskin dress; a hat & parfleche; a winter cape with hood, mittens, & moccasins; Kaya's dog Tatlo & a travois; Kaya's horse, Steps High; Steps High's foal, Sparks Flying; a saddle; a doll & cradleboard set; a craft kit; a basket & foods set; a tepee with a fire that lights up; and a bedroll set with a shield that sits outside a tepee to show who lives inside. Kaya's collection also includes a Jingle dress of today, which is the kind of dress that modern Nez Perce girls and women wear for dances at Powwows. Kaya's collection will appear in the October catalog, which some people have already received.

American Girl Today Line Expands

With the September product introduction, Pleasant Company also added many outfits and accessories for the American Girl Today. First of all, when you choose and order a doll, it no longer comes with the "Urban Outfit" but with a new outfit entitled the "Go Anywhere Outfit." Accordingly, there are also now "Go Anywhere" accessories. Two new outfits which also have counterparts to fit girls are the ski trip outfit and the Oriental-style snowflake pajamas. Other outfits and accessories are: a Swan Lake ballet costume with a leotard; a baking outfit with an apron; baking accessories with cookies, a mixer, and more; baking accessories for Coconut; a travel carrier for Coconut; a suitcase and backpack for dolls; a trail bike with a helmet; Mary Janes, ankle boots, and gray sneakers; a socks & tights set; and and undies set. The "sweet dreams" section got an update, as the bed, bedding, and armoire were all introduced with a new yellow/flower scheme. There is also a new nighttime accessories set comprised of a reading pillow, a flower rug, and a journal.

Pleasant Company Debuts Bitty Twins and Updates Bitty Baby

In September, Pleasant Company also released the Bitty Twins, a set with 15" boy and girl dolls. This marks the first time Pleasant Company has sold a boy doll. The basic set includes pink & blue sleepers, diapers, and a book. There is also a teal & purple themed play outfits set with corduroy overalls for the boy and a corduroy dress for the girl. The holiday outfits set includes a maroon dress for the girl and a green vest and khaki corduroy pants outfit for the boy. Also available is a double stroller for the twins. Society Member Sue Mika reports that although they are only available in Caucasion blonde for now, if demand is high, they will introduce other ethnicities.

The Bitty Baby collection also received some changes. The newest set is a Winter Wonderland outfit with a snowglobe and a scarf for Bitty Bear. Sue also sent me a nice summary of many of the changes to the Bitty Baby line. She says: "For Bitty Baby, there are many new items --- a new onesie t-shirt set which is white with little purple, yellow & pink hearts. It comes with a pair of yellow socks, a white knit baby cap with two tassels on top & the Bitty logo embroidered at the brim and a yellow receiving blanket. It's so cute. [This was something I couldn't find on the website though. --ed.] Also, the starter set was revamped. It now does not include the Fun in the Sun & Birthday. There is the same suitcase only now lined in a plaid yellow, purple & pink print. It comes with an adorable yellow print longsleeve shirt and purple overall dress, white lace up sneakers, different colored blocks, some type of baby toy, a white hooded terry bathrobe, and new lotion bottles with the new logo on them. The Bitty Baby now comes in a beautiful pink sleeper with floral vine at the bodice. It has a ruffled type collar. The girl's matching nightgown (a first for Bitty sleepwear for girls) is the same as the sleeper, only it is a gown $28. The Bitty Bunch will now include Bitty Piggy and Bitty Ducky. There is a soft fabric house which will be Bitty Bunch sized. There is also a new Bitty Bunch tea set (looks the same as the other one, just has new colors). There is also a new stroller, crib and crib bedding. The new bedding is now a light yellow with pink & purple heart print. The lullaby basket is also updated! It has the plaid trim ribbon and the fleece blanket is now pale yellow. The heart which plays music will be purple." New accessories include a diaper bag set and a lunch fun set. Other items which are appearing in the new color scheme include the backpack baby carrier, the front-of-body baby carrier, the rocking horse, Bitty Bear's suitcase, and the high chair.

Hallmark Launches American Girl Product Line

The Hallmark-American Girl line which was described in last month's newsletter is now out in stores. Some members report attending premiers which featured refreshments, music, and long lines of people. Reactions to the products are mixed, with some criticism of particular products such as the figurines, but overall the reaction to the products has been very positive. Unfortunately, some members found out that only Gold Crown Hallmark stores (I wasn't aware there were different kinds of Hallmark stores) get to carry the American Girls line. The other stores will not get the products. If you're not sure which kind of store the Hallmark closest to you is, you may want to call ahead before going out. Society Member Sarah points us to the website for Jo's Hallmark in Arizona, which lists events taking place at Hallmark stores. Sarah reports that the events listed will be taking place nationwide and not just at that Hallmark. Thanks, Sarah! Another person, Anna, who has found our message board, emailed me the following: "I went to the Hallmark "premiere" today, and in a conversation with the manager, she mentioned that in the contract Hallmark has with PC, Hallmark will be licenesed for three years for AG items. Next fall more new items will be released and dolls will be available. She was unsure on the doll part - whether they would be real American girls, Bitty Baby, or dolls of many lands, or something completely different. She also "slipped" and mentioned Bitty Baby items, but quickly retracted her statement, so I am unsure if it was an honest name mix-up, or if Bitty Baby items will also be coming out next year." Thanks, Anna!

Girls of Many Lands Preview Pics

Society member Susan was kind enough to send me some pictures of the new Girls of Many Lands Dolls.

The English, French, and Chinese girls
The Indian and Alaskan girls
A closer look at the Indian girl

Thanks, Susan!

Monthly Membership Update

Here are the stats for September:
New Members: 20
New States: North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado
New Country: England

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