Online Newsletter #9

November 2002

More new products are out, and you can learn more about them here, in The Society of American Girl Collectors online newsletter!

Pleasant Company Introduces Girls of Many Lands

On October 1st, Pleasant Company debuted its Girls of Many Lands line. Each 9" doll has her own book, which is much longer than the American Girl books, reflecting the difference in target age for this line. The dolls come dressed in beautiful outfits reflecting the girls' countries of origin and the time periods of the books. The doll & book sets are priced as follows: Isabel (England) - $54, Cecile (France) - $52, Minuk (Alaska) - $48, Spring Pearl (China) - $50, and Neela (India) - $50. Pleasant Company also sells a mirrored 1-doll display case for $38 and a 5-doll, 5-book display shelf for $58 ($39 introductory special).

More new American Girl Today Items Released

New for Christmas are the Starry Night black velvet dress (there's also a matching one for girls) and Starry Night Accessories consisting of a purse, hair combs, and a surprise in a gift box. American Girl also released Coconut-themed accessories which have a cartoon-like drawing of Coconut, the AGOT dog, on them. These items include a T-shirt, a coin purse, and a stationery set.

Kit's Travel Adventure

We finally have information on the elusive Travel Adventure for Kit, thanks to Society Member Meg. The title is "Kit's Railway Adventure" and it is due out in March 2003. List price is the same as the other travel adventures, $15.95. Thanks Meg!

2003 Short Story Information

Society Member Brittany B. was the first of several members to scoop info on the upcoming 2003 short stories. In case you want to avoid spoilers, I've put all the info on a separate page here. Thank you Brittany! The bad news is that neither Brittany nor anyone else who was able to find short story info could find anything for Felicity. Her future looks bleak indeed if they're not even publishing any more books for her. Let Pleasant Company know what a disappointment this is!

In other new book news, Society Member Sarah reports that the next History Mystery is "Gangsters at the Grand Atlantic." If you want to know more about the story, go to and do a search with the title. Thanks, Sarah!

Society Member "In Person" Meeting?

It's been proposed on the message board that it would be neat to organize a Society Member "In Person" Meeting to take place at American Girl Place in Chicago, possibly sometime next summer. I love the idea and I'd like to see how much support it has from our members. If you would like to see this happen, please email me and let me know. If the idea has a lot of support, we'll see if we can't make it happen!

Info about Felicity in Williamsburg

A contributor to the message board, Anna, emailed me some observations from her visit to Williamsburg. She thought the rest of you might find it interesting. Here's what she had to say: "We recently visited Williamsburg in VA, and in the visitors center gift shop, there were Felicity's teapot and teacups for sale in "girl size".� I asked if they were going to be discontinued at all, and was told they are a steady seller and had no plans for discontinuing them. They also had Felicity stationary, AGC postcards, and the mini dolls�(for all AGC, not just�Felicity) �available, which I thought� was unusual, since�they are not specifically for the Willaimsburg time period.� The price was $19.95, versus the normal $18, but it was "neat" to finally see them all.� When we visited in the spring this year, the dolls were not available so they are a new edition to the gift shop. Seeing those mini dolls made me wonder if it is the mini dolls that will be available through Hallmark next year. They also had Addy items (books, stationary) available at a place called Carters Grove, a plantation from pre-civil war era.� My girls took their dolls and carried them as we toured Williamsburg, and they did receive many looks - some curious, some "nostalgic," but most looks from adults and girls were�excited/envious to see the dolls 'up close!' " Thank you Anna!

Society Hits Membership Milestone

The Society has hit a big membership milestone of 100 members! Yea! I'm looking forward to the next 100! Thanks to everyone who spread word about the Society. Here are the membership stats for October:
New Members: 17
New State: Connecticut
New Country: Australia

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