What is the Society of American Girl™ Collectors?

I originally created the Society of American Girl Collectors for those who love to collect the dolls, books, and accessories from the Historical American Girls™ line. All ages could join, but I was especially looking to find other adults who still loved to collect American Girl dolls. This first purpose was definitely accomplished, as I met many "overage" collectors who still had great love and enthusiasm for AG.

I also started the Society as a reaction to the first discontinuations of historical items back in 2001. This is why I have a "letters" section of the site--I had hoped to send a noticeable message to AG that we didn't want the historical collections diminished. We rallied together and even sent in a petition in to AG, which attracted enough attention that I got a personal phone call from the then-Brand Manager at AG. Unfortunately, we have seen in the dozen years since the start of the Society that AG not only continued to retire historical items and reduce many historical characters' collections to nearly nothing, but they also eventually retired entire doll collections. Even the newest historical collections remain small. For a long-time historical character fan like myself, it is disheartening to see how the historical line has diminished in quality and importance at AG.

In January 2014, I decided that due to my very busy life, I was no longer able to keep up the Society, and that it had already served its original intended purposes as well as it could. When I began the Society in March 2002, I did so because I could not find resources for AG fans on the internet at the time, even after extensive searching. I could not find a single fan club, and there were very few fan sites and only one tiny message board. Since the Society began, AG fan activity on the internet has blossomed and grown greatly! There are many, many fan sites, informative resource pages, and active message boards out there in cyberspace. You will find some of my favorites on my links page, and there are a few more at the bottom of our members page.

Though I am taking an indefinite hiatus from running this group, I will still endeavor to keep the historical items checklist up to date, and I will also try to post any letters or pictures that current members send to me.

Thank you for a dozen years of support! --Ann

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